Tips for Working with Temp Agencies in Thailand

March 02, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Whether you are from the area or just arriving from another country, finding a good job is a priority. Recruitment agencies can help those struggling to find a job in Thailand. They are in the business and know the secrets of finding those great jobs. Also, a temp agency can help you get work more quickly than just looking on your own. In most cases, temp agencies do not charge a fee to the employee. Instead, employers pay a fee for their service.

Many companies prefer hiring people from a temp agency because they believe that these agencies have thoroughly vetted the potential employees and have checked their references. Most reputable temp agencies do this but not all. You do need to make a good impression on those in charge of finding job opportunities at temp agencies. If they like your appearance and your attitude, they will often work harder to help you get a good job.

1. Dress for Success

Those who interview and hire at a temp agency do make notes about an employee's appearance. That is why it is important to dress well for your interview. Make eye contact and speak politely. Though these people are not your employer, they are in charge of helping you find good employment. Always go to the temp agency looking your best. Dress as if you are going to the most important job in your life. That way, when a good position comes along, you'll be the first candidate they think of.

2. Tweaking Your Resume

Temp Agencies are often looking for people with a broad range of skills. If you have any skills that would set you apart from other candidates, be sure to put them on your resume. When interviewed by the temp agency, always mention things that would set you apart. Do you speak more than one language? Have you received any commendations? Even small things can be a bonus when job hunting, such as proper spelling. Many people are working with temp agencies in Thailand to get good paying jobs, so your resume needs to read better than theirs.

3. Work Hard and Be Professional

Once you do get a job from the temp agency, be sure to show up on time, dress nicely and act like a real professional. Very often, employers will hire temps for full-time positions, so you need to really impress your new employer. Be cooperative with other employers. Be flexible. If asked to work overtime, always try to be available. When people are flexible and easy to work with, companies take notice. They want employees who are willing to go the extra mile and do an above-average job.

4. Keep a Good Attitude

Every job has its drawbacks, and itis okay to have days when things are not going well. Try to stay positive and friendly no matter the circumstances. Whether dealing with the temp agency personnel or a temporary employer, be outgoing and responsive to any questions or problems. Make yourself approachable and never get upset if someone criticizes your work. Instead, thank them for their input and get right back to work.

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