The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renting Office Space in Bangkok

February 11, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

Business owners understand that there are always limits to the money you can spend on office space. This is a regular expense that will come around every month once you get all set up in your office. That means it must be affordable and budget friendly. If these expenditures do not fit well into the monthly expenses, then you may have to dip into cash reserves, and this can jeopardize your cash flow. For these reasons, it is important to ask yourself a few tough questions before committing to lease a space for a period.

1. Common Expenses

It sometimes requires years to build your business up to the place where you can afford the ongoing expenses of employees, equipment, internet service, and other items. Be realistic when estimating the cost of these items. Remember that people often underestimate or forget certain expenses altogether. It is very common to go over the expected budget and spend more than you figured. Your business may require specific equipment and employees with higher levels of training. Leasing an office space often requires that you put down a large deposit as well. These are just a few of the typical expenses, and your business may have specific needs.

2. Finding Office Space in Bangkok

Though Bangkokhas numerous options for large and small companies alike, your business might benefit from a prestigious address. Space in popular high rise buildings can be hard to find and pricey.  Many startups lease space in less popular areas until their budget can handle more expensive areas. If you do not need office space in the best part of town, then search outlying areas for bargains. However, check with local businesses in that area to make sure the area is safe and has enough parking, shopping, and restaurants. 

3. Choosing Alternatives

When just starting out, leasing a dedicated office space can be too much of a financial burden. These monthly expenses can prevent your business from being able to grow. If you are unsure, then try a few of these alternatives for a while. These are low-cost solutions to office space inBangkok.  One popular choice is shared office space. You can get a professional workspace anytime you need it. There are no contracts, and the weekly charges are based on usage, so you can keep this expense small. The drawback is a lack of privacy. There are usually dozens of other workers nearby.

4. Facts About Leased Office Space

Leased office space is similar but offers a lot more. You can get luxurious office space inBangkok's best areas that will include furniture, equipment, employees, phones, the internet and much more. Many savvy business owners choose this option because you get so much for your money. Be sure to ask if you'll have to sign a long-term contract. Also, inquire about what services will cost extra. 

Everything You Need Including a Prestigious Address

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