The Difference Between Servcorp Virtual Offices and Other Providers in Thailand

January 27, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

All types of new startups come to Thailand each year to make it big. Though many of these are import-export businesses, there are also numerous others from manufacturing plants and electronics to consulting. There are limitless opportunities in Thailand for success and many times all it takes is a great idea, some hard work, and some startup capital.                    

One secret to success is to simply get your business up and running in the most cost-effective means possible. For most business owners, this means that you will not be able to lease dedicated office space in the best part of town. When you take into consideration the cost of furnishings, fixtures, computers, and employees, the cost is overwhelming for most new businesses. That's why so many choose a virtual office space. 

Difference between Virtual Office Space and Leased Office Space 

One question that many entrepreneurs have, concerns the difference between virtual and leased office space. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, there are some unique differences. With a leased office space, you can get every feature and amenity needed to run a regular office. This includes furnishings, employees, computers, Internet, phones and many others. A virtual office is actually only a receptionist and an address. There is no physical presence for your company. In most cases you are simply paying for a business address and a receptionist who will answer your phone calls. 

Features That Servcorp Offers 

With Servcorp Serviced Offices, you can get any or all features that are important to you. Every service is available and you can purchase these as you need them. For instance, you may only need a place to work for a few hours a day. You may need mail and email forwarding. You can choose the services that are most important to you and only pay for the time you work. You are not locked into long-term contracts and this is an important feature for many business owners. 

Stay Within Your Budget 

Leased office space from Servcorp is flexible and allows a business owner to budget for this expense each month. That means there are no surprises and no big charges to pay when you want to upgrade or add services. That's one of the most attractive things about leased office space from Servcorp: you don't have to pay for services you don't need. As time goes by and your needs change, you can easily make whatever changes you like without a penalty. 

Work with a Reliable Company 

The greatest benefit to working with Servcorp as opposed to other providers in Thailand is their dependability. This is a company with a robust reputation that will stand behind the services they provide. Whereas other leased and virtual office space providers may come and go, Servcorp has been around for many years and has space available in most global economic centers. This can be a great benefit if you decide to expand your business into Singapore, Manila and other cities. Servcorp has 140 premium locations around the world. They were founded on the principles of helping entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running for the lowest cost possible so that success would be much simpler. 

The Servcorp Difference 

While other providers in Thailand may want large upfront deposits, Servcorp only asks for a deposit in an amount equal to two months' rent. They provide top-notch services like Onefax and Onephone, along with superior communications equipment. They have an in-house bilingual team that is well-trained and available when you need them. Internet service is highly reliable and this is so important for most business owners. Setting up a new account is easy and can even be done online. Changing your services is also very easy and this is important to many business owners. 

Servcorp in Thailand has established a strong professional reputation for providing all the services that business owners need at an affordable rate. Please come by or call +66 2 207 2600 if you'd like a free tour of any of the Servcorp facilities.