The Benefits of Flexible Working Arrangements in Bangkok

January 26, 2016 | Sharon Cheong


There are many benefits of flexible working arrangements in Bangkok. Whether you want to go with job that has no set hours or not,a flexible Bangkok job has many perks that you can take advantage of. 

Travel Time and Expenses Reduction 

Working with a flexible schedule is the foremost advantage of having flexible working arrangements in Bangkok, especially in light of the infamous Bangkok traffic jams during rush hour. Let's say you have a forward thinking boss who agreed to your preferences of working all day on Monday then working only on mornings for the rest of the workweek. This would allow you to save yourself from wasting time and energy in morning rush hour traffic for several days in a week. 

Having a job where you can be out of the office unless you're physically required to be there (for a client meeting or a face-to-face interview, perhaps) is quite beneficial in light of rising gas prices, the physically exhausting trip, and the amount of time saved by skipping travel/commute time and simply sending your work across the Internet. You'll only need to attend social activities and company events from time to time. 

Extra Time for Yourself 

To acquire such an arrangement allows you to free up your week in more ways than one. You can take your work through a virtual office and accomplish it without having to be physically present at the office. You'll have more free time to deal with other priorities (like paying bills or filing taxes) that you'd otherwise schedule your workweek around or leave to do on the weekend. 

Less Stress 

One of the other benefits of flexible working arrangements in Bangkok is that it frees workers from the stress of going to work every day and all the preparations that go along with it. Everything can cause stress, from having to wake up early even if they had to attend an important dinner the previous night, to fighting with their spouse because they are too tired from commuting by the time they get home, to not being able to play with their children because they are in the office the whole day. With flexible Bangkok working arrangements, all of these stressors and potential sources of conflict can be minimized. 

Increased Productivity 

While having grace under fire or using stress as a motivator can make certain people shine in their jobs, too much pressure is detrimental to workers in the long run. Whether you're a Bangkok local or an expatriate learning the ropes of working in Thailand, you should have some time to depressurize and relax. Many workers with flexible working arrangements tend to do more exactly because there is no pressure to go to work everyday and they have the option of working on days when they are most productive. They also get more leeway to approach their jobs more freely and creatively, resulting to better work outputs. 

The Internet Makes It All Possible 

Thanks to the Internet, workers can now have flexible working arrangements in Bangkok. Serviced offices or virtual offices offered by companies like Servcorp allow people to work with flexible work hours even while lacking a permanent office space. 

Servcorp has been providing affordable yet world-class serviced and virtual office offerings for small-to-medium-sized companies. If you wish to reap the benefits of flexible working arrangements in Bangkok, call Servcorp at +66 2 231 8100 now to know more about their technology-driven solutions.