Prime Office Space Rental Locations in Bangkok

January 22, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

There has been a sharp increase in the number of property listings in the best locations where you can rent office space in Bangkok thanks to stimulus projects led by the local government aimed at increasing infrastructure. With the continued development of the BTS Skytrain and the MRT Underground several businesses are locating their premises within walking distance of these vital access routes.

Grade A Listings

Businesses aiming to move into this growing city will want to choose the right office spaces for their businesses to flourish. The facilities offered at prime listings are just as important as the location and serviceability. Office space listings are graded accordingly and the best office spaces in Bangkok are referred to as Grade A listings.

The Best Office Spaces Grade A listed office spaces are classified as:

-Being located in impressively designed buildings with high-quality decorations and interior design
-Being located in buildings with sufficient car-parking
-Being located in buildings with variable air volume and an inbuilt air-condition system
-Having a net floor space greater than 1000 square meters
-Having ceilings higher than 2.7 meters 

These are the minimum requirements for office spaces to be classified as Grade A however the best letting services for Grade A office spaces go above and beyond to ensure that their clients have the best possible standards that can be provided. For any entrepreneur looking to be taken seriously, a Grade A listed office is necessary.

There are generally three types of Grade A office spaces available for rent in Bangkok. These are serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms.

Serviced Offices

These are offices within buildings that are rented out fully loaded with furniture, IT equipment, reception services, utilities and any other subsidiary services that an office may need to run effectively and are managed by facility management companies that then rent their serviced apartments to individuals or other companies. They are superior to traditional office spaces because the tenants do not have to bother finding equipment and staff that are peripherals to their operations. They simply sign the lease and move into a space that is ready to start operating, typically within a few days of signing the agreement. They are especially common among tenants who are not looking to stay in a particular location for an extended period of time or who do not have the time to outfit it themselves. A good facility management company can offer a fully functional office within a matter of days or even hours, that meets the specifications laid out by their prospective clients. 

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices exist on the internet rather at a physical address the way conventional offices do. Users of a virtual office space are able to work from any location in the world as long as they have a dedicated internet connection and the equipment necessary to access the internet such as computers and cell phones. Meetings in virtual offices are held via teleconferencing and documents are sent using e-mails or chat facilities on dedicated messaging platforms. Companies that lease virtual offices provide all of the equipment necessary for users to have their very own virtual offices based at whatever location they want. They also usually offer a dedicated receptionist, business address and local telephone number, and also meeting room whenever necessary.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are great places to bring people together for discussions. Meeting rooms can be rented for as little amount of time as an afternoon for your project team to meet up and discuss progress. These rooms are comfortably furnished in a way that promotes creativity and comfort.

Finding the Right Kind of Office Space for You

Whatever your preference for Grade A office spaces, Servcorp has a number of listings in the best locations where you can rent office space in Bangkok that will meet all of your office space demands at an affordable price. Our professional employees are trained to listen to what your requirements are for your office and provide you with an office space that will get your business operating efficiently. Call +6622318100 to book an office space to rent or for a free quote.