Options for Office Space in Bangkok

April 25, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Bangkok is a vibrant, global city with excellent hotels, restaurants, and shopping. Today, more visitors come to Bangkok than to any other city in the world. The huge number of visitors, a population of more than six million, and its abundance of excellent industrial and commercial space make Bangkok an attractive place to expand a business internationally or to start a new business.

Once the decision to open an office in Bangkok has been made, business owners begin looking for office space that is strategically located and reasonably priced. Expenses are a major consideration when first entering a new market, so many business owners will understandably decide to choose serviced office space rather than take on the expenses involved in setting up their own offices with employees and furnishings.

Finding the Right Location in Bangkok

The first decision is to determine whether you need to be in the Central Business District, which is very convenient, but can be very expensive or whether a location further from the city center would be just as desirable and certainly much less expensive.

Transportation for employees is another serious consideration. Being close to Bangkok's excellent, reliable Sky train is a plus so that it is convenient for employees and visitors to travel to and from the office.

Amenities to Look for in Your Office Space

Business owners rightfully want to obtain leased office space as inexpensively as possible with necessary services and amenities included, but without paying for services that they will not utilize. A reputable, established company will offer office space that includes:

  • Spacious meeting and board rooms
  • Good phone and internet service
  • Comfortable and upscale furnishings
  • Office equipment
  • Bilingual employees
  • Good security

Help from a Local Consultant

Finding the perfect location for your office in Bangkok can be a time-consuming task – time that could be better used dealing with other aspects of your new business. That is where hiring a local consultant can save you stress and money.

After just one conversation with a local consultant who knows Bangkok well and who understands the services needed for your business, the service may be able to provide you with several prospective sites to examine. A good local consultant can drastically cut the time it takes you to find the right office space for your particular situation.

Small Spaces Are Fine

The sooner you contract your office space, the sooner you will be able to build your business. You may want to start out small with a plan to expand substantially in the future. It is often better to start small and then as your cash flow builds, look for larger spaces.

Choosing Serviced Office Space

Serviced office space is likely to be your best choice for getting started in beautiful office space at the least expense. When you tour these spaces, you will be able to see the furnishings and space, but what about other details?

  • Will you have a dedicated receptionist?
  • Will you have access to all office equipment?
  • Is the space available 24/7?
  • Is the internet Wi-Fi with state-of-the-art encryption?
  • What will the schedule be for cleaning the office?

Choosing the Right Company

Servcorp Serviced Offices give you everything you need to get started at an affordable price and a prestigious address. You get all the items on your checklist and a lot more, including luxury furnishings and access to shared spaces. If you like, IT and HR personnel can also be included in your monthly plan.

With Servcorp, you can choose from prestigious space in areas like Silom Road, the Park Ventures Ecoplex, and the Offices at Centralworld. These areas of Bangkok are very expensive, but Servcorp makes it possible for you to enjoy these beautiful facilities at an affordable cost.

Please call +66 2 231 8100 for more information or drop in to see any of our facilities.