Most Successful Thai Businesses in 2015

February 28, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

Thailand is among the countries that are newly industrialized. With the government's plan to invest heavily in infrastructure, the investment opportunities in the country are growing rapidly. Currently, the country has best investment prospects in sectors such as renewable energy, telecommunications, and electrical power. Businesses willing to invest in food processing, packaging equipment, and environmental technology will also find Thai market as promising as any other nation in the world. With that said, here are some of the top Thai businesses that have made their mark in their particular markets with their consistent profitability and farsighted vision:


PTT or PTT Public Company Limited is an SET-listed oil and gas company that is owned by Thai state. Initially, PTT was known as the Petroleum Authority of Thailand.  It owns many submarine gas pipelines in the Gulf of Thailand and operates a network of LPG terminals throughout the island. Furthermore, PTT is also involved in gasoline retailing business, oil and gas exploration and production, petrochemical products and electricity generation. PTT is one of the largest corporations in the country, ranking at position 81 among the top 500 companies on the Fortune 500.

Charoen Pokphand

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF is the top food and agro-industrial Corporation in the Asia Pacific region.  The company has a hold in both aquaculture (fish and shrimp) and the livestock (ducks, layers, broilers and swine).

CPF is the leader in the production and sale of animal feed in Thailand. The key products of CPF are fish feed, shrimp feed, duck feed, chicken feed and swine feed. Their feed mill plants are present throughout the country.

Siam Cement Group

His Majesty King Rama VI established Siam Cement Group in the year 1913 for the production of cement within the country, which contributed significantly to the progress of the country during that period. Since its inception, SCG has grown continually and diversified into three main sectors that are SCG Chemicals, SCG Packaging, and SCG Cement & Building Materials.

Since the beginning, SCG has been persistently involved in the employee and organizational development, which is helpful in bringing innovation in business models, processes, services and products to generate higher value.

Thai Oil

Thai Oil is the leading refiner of the country that is also engaged in paraxylene and carbon black production, shipping, power projects, lube base refining, pipeline operations and ethanol production. To increase its revenue base, the company has diversified its business operations. Thai oil is 49.5% owned by PTT, a state-controlled energy powerhouse.


IRPC, a public company, is involved in the petroleum and petrochemical sectors of Southeast Asia. The company deals in three major segments:

1. Petroleum products segment - The segment includes the production of lubricant oil, asphalt, and refinery oil.

2. Petrochemical products - The section covers aromatics used in the manufacture of plastic resins and olefins

3. The operation of power plants, jetties, and other utilities.

Central Group

The Central Group is a family-owned holding company that is involved in running restaurants and hospitality businesses, retailing, real estate and merchandising. Its subsidiaries are the Central Retail Corporation and Central Pattana.

Indorama Ventures

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited is one the world's leading manufacturer of wool yarns and petrochemical producers. Offering an array of diversified products that include automotive, textile, industrial, health care, personal and home care, food, and beverages, the company's global presence can be seen in all the developed economies of the world.


Kasikornbank (previously known as Thai Farmers Bank) is the primary banking group in Thailand. Choti Lamsam established it on June 8, 1945, as Thai Farmers Bank with a capital of 5 million baht. Since 1976, it has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. In the year 2003, the banking group changed its name from Thai Farmers Bank to KASIKORNBANK or just the KBank. Currently, Mr. Bantoon Lamsam heads the group as Chairman and CEO.

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