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How to Get Your Employees' Loyalty in Thailand

April 20, 2016 | Trinh Danh

Doing business in Thailand can be exciting and financially rewarding. This open market economy encourages new startups and foreign investors. Over the years, thousands of companies have built a very successful business in Thailand. The Thai government encourages economic growth by enacting programs that are designed to make it easy for companies to do business there. Thailand is home to a number of large successful corporations. 

With so much competition, small business owners often struggle to keep highly trained employees on staff. Larger companies can offer better salaries in addition to vacation time and sick leave time. So what can you do as a business owner to get and keep your employee's loyalty? This is a problem that many small and medium-size business owners face, but it does have a viable solution.

1. Give Employees More Freedom 

The old-fashioned way to do business involves the business owner being not much more than a harsh taskmaster. Workers in every business sector have made it clear that they are not interested in working for these types of employers. Micromanaging your employees can make them feel like you do not value their opinion or trust them. Instead, why not allow your employees more freedom? This can be accomplished in many ways, such as giving them work flexible hours. Allow them to take their lunch break whenever they want to. This is a small thing for the business owner to do, and yet it can have a big impact on workers. 

2. Flexible Working Arrangements 

Allow your employees to come to work when it is convenient for them. Of course, you must establish some boundaries, so you could give them the flexibility to arrive at work anytime between the hours of 6 AM and 10 AM. Some employees love to get to work early and get the day's work done so they can go home or run errands. Workers with small children may need to pick them up at school in the afternoons, so by allowing your employees to leave work for tasks like these, you can build trust and rapport with your workers.

3. Invite Opinions and Award Creativity 

The wise business owner understands that his employees are his greatest asset. With that in mind, invite your employees to weigh in on certain decisions. This might include furnishing a new breakroom or buying new office equipment. Allow your employees to be involved whenever possible, so that they feel they have a vested interest in your business. If an employee comes up with a great idea that can save time or money, reward them with a free lunch or small gift. Send out company wide announcements each week commending those employees who have truly made a difference. Keep your employees involved in whatever is going on at your company and they will enjoy coming to work each day and remain faithful. 

A Prestigious Office in a Prominent Location 

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