How to Find Employees in Thailand

February 02, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

Working and living in Thailand seems like dream come true to most people. In fact, people from all over the world do come each year and settle down. Some come to vacation and just can't get this exotic land out of their thoughts, while others come on business and find it the perfect workplace. The land and its culture are world-renowned. The food is delicious too and the people are so open and friendly. The weather is nearly perfect and there are many ancient temples and artifacts of interest. 

As a still-developing country, Thailand can be the perfect spot for any new start-up or offshore corporation. If you're just opening a business here, then you probably are interested in the best ways to find employees in Thailand. With many nationals who are well-trained in a wide range of industries, it is often very easy to find employees. Remember that there are also a number of expats in the country who are looking for employment as well. 

Newspapers and Trade Magazine 

This is a good resource where you'll find many employees for any particular job. It can be time consuming to comb through all the ads and choose the right person for the job. Remember that these potential employees will need drug testing, along with references checked and special testing to ensure they can perform the work. If you have an HR department, the task can be simplified but many new startups can't afford this and must do all the work themselves. 

Thailand Job Websites 

Thailand has many excellent job websites that both employers and employees can take advantage of. The most popular is a site called Jobs DB. This site is well organized and has the various positions broken down by categories so that employers can quickly find what they're looking for. Another good website is Job Street. In addition, Thailand has numerous recruitment agencies that help people find the right position. This can be beneficial to both employees and employers because these recruiters screen applicants to make sure their references are valid. Though agencies like these do often charge a fee, you can expect better employees with a higher level of skills. 

Languages Spoken 

Much of the time companies are interested in English-speaking employees and it is usually not necessary to speak Thai in order to get a job. Of course workers can increase their chances of employment if they do speak more than one language and this is true in any country. If this is an important requirement for your position, then be sure to make that clear to potential workers. It can be helpful to require applicants to complete a brief essay to test their language skills. 

University Degrees 

Education is another crucial element for many employers and most jobs do require an average level of education. The labor department in Thailand does require proof of education in order to process a work permit. Most employers will want to check educational references if the work requires a degree. Thailand has a good many factories and jobs that require specialized work such as sewing or knowledge of electronics components. 

Ways to Avoid Hiring Employees 

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