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How to Decide Which Type of Office Space in Bangkok Is Right for You

Bangkok has become one of Southeast Asia's most modern cities offering attractive industrial and commercial space for business owners. In addition to dependable transportation, you'll also find excellent hotels, restaurants and shopping opportunities. This can be a lucrative place to build a new business. The most common questions entrepreneurs have concern leasing office space in Bangkok. Good locations in the central business district can be hard to find and expensive. So how do you decide which type of office space in Bangkok is right for you? 

Areas of Bangkok to Choose from 

The Central Business District includes Siam Square, an area where visitors and locals often come for dining, sightseeing and shopping. This popular area also has reliable transportation and high foot traffic. Because of these reasons, leasing office space in this region can be expensive. If your business requires being located in an area like this to be successful, then expect to pay thousands of dollars each month. On the other hand, if you can manage being located away from the city center, you can save money each month. 

Good Transportation 

It's best to stay near reliable transportation such as the Skytrain so that your employees can get back and forth to work. Remember to include smaller expenses, as these can add up. All monthly expenditures such as phones, Internet and utilities can be hard for a new business to handle. Equipment and furniture for your office space is another big expense. Therefore it can be advantageous to look for office space that includes these items in the monthly price. If your budget allows it, upscale furnishings and a professional decor can be a great benefit. This will give potential customers confidence in your business acumen. 

Working with Local Consultants 

For those just starting out in Bangkok, it can be helpful to hire a local consultant for advice before choosing office space and hiring employees. Local consultants understand what is required of business owners and they will be able to offer sound advice on where to look for your office space and how to save money. New business owners often forget about expenses like cleaning and insurance. Good security can also be an excellent idea in areas of Bangkok where vandalism is prevalent. These are the types of expenses that business owners sometimes forget about, but a good consultant can prevent that. 

Finding a Good Deal on Office Space in Bangkok 

Finding new office space for your business in Bangkok can be time-consuming and expensive. It can also be very stressful. It can be helpful to speak with local business owners asking them for advice. Since they have already been down that road, they can help you and advise you on saving money and avoiding common pitfalls. 

Luxury Amenities for your Business 

If you're looking for the easiest and least expensive way to get beautiful office space in Bangkok, then the best solution is virtual office space. When you choose virtual or leased office space, you get trained employees, phones, Internet, luxurious furnishings and many other amenities for one low monthly price. But it's important to work with a proven winner. That way you can know that you will get your money's worth and be supported throughout your journey to build a successful business in Bangkok. 

Contact Servcorp 

Servcorp Serviced Offices give you premier office space in places like Silom Road, the Park Ventures Ecoplex and the Offices at Central world. Exclusive office space like this would be extremely hard to find and very expensive but Servcorp allows you to experience all the perks with a smaller investment of time and money. Your business can move right in and begin work almost immediately. You'll have bi-lingual employees, a dedicated receptionist and you won't have to worry about utility bills, furniture or maintenance costs. Servcorp in Bangkok gives you the nicest amenities located in the city's most prestigious areas. Call +66 2 207 2500 for more information or stop by to tour any of our facilities.