How a Serviced Office in Thailand Can Benefit Your Small Business

May 04, 2016 | Trinh Danh

hailand has become a popular destination for investors, small business owners, and new startups. It offers dependable transportation and boasts one of the busiest seaports in the world. Entrepreneurs build successful companies here each year and with the right business plan and adequate startup capital, there's no reason not to take advantage of the many opportunities here.

1. Limit Your Expenses 

When just starting out, cash flow is usually of primary concern to small business owners. You need a good budget that you can stick to until your business starts growing. One thing that has hampered many new startups is overspending on items like office furniture and equipment. Though it is important to have dependable computers and nice office furnishings, this can quickly drain your cash reserves. The wise business owner looks for ways to limit their expenses during their first few years in business. This can be done by leasing virtual office space. 

Thailand has many beautiful skyscrapers with luxurious office space available. The problem is with the cost of leasing the space, hiring new employees and buying all the equipment you will need. That is why serviced office space in Thailand is a good solution. You will not have all your cash reserves tied up in paying for expensive equipment, but you will have a beautiful professional place where you and your employees can work each day.

2. Setting up Your Business Quickly 

Another huge benefit to using serviced office space in Thailand is that you can get everything set up quickly. Instead of taking months to get a space rented and furnished, you can be doing business within one day when you choose serviced office space. Once you get your business moving forward, you can begin to focus on marketing solutions that will give you the edge over your competition. It may be several years before you actually need to lease a dedicated office space and buy all your own equipment. In the meantime, you can be saving your money or investing in your own business. 

3. Saving Money 

When you want to build a successful business in Thailand, it's important to have a professional office space and prestigious address for your new company. This tells potential customers that you have the resources to fulfill their contracts. By choosing serviced office space, you can get that professional looking face for your business for a fraction of the standard costs.

4. Get More for Your Money 

In Thailand, Servcorp Serviced Offices provide the space you need in popular downtown buildings. These are located in the central business district and have a prestigious address for your letterhead and envelopes. Our top-notch services are designed to make it easy for business owners to set up a new business and get started. 

You can get a dedicated bilingual receptionist along with professional IT and HR staff. When you need exclusive meeting rooms and board rooms where you can gather with clients or investors, Servcorp offers luxury and style. These amenities would cost a lot of money if you purchased them separately, but with Servcorp, most of this is included in your monthly fee. Once your business starts growing, it is very easy to expand. Setting up or changing your services can be done online in the convenience of your home. 

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