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Flexible Working Arrangements Advantages in Thailand

February 18, 2016 | Sharon Cheong

Flexible working arrangements have become a way for large companies to attract the best talent by offering employees the opportunity to work from home. Many experts have recognized this as a viable option for the future of large companies. Enterprises that trust their employees and have respect for each can demonstrate this by allowing employees individual freedoms. In essence, it does not matter where the employee gets their work done as long as they do accomplish certain tasks assigned to them. 

The Internet and other online tools make it easy to teleconference no matter where people are located. There are also many other web tools such as virtual workspaces that make it simple to communicate with other employees. People can now upload and download work as needed any time of the day or night. This also allows companies to hire employees located virtually anywhere in the world. Though 9-to-5 work hours may be necessary in some businesses, many companies benefit from employees being available at rare times or locations. 

Advantages of Flexible Working Arrangements 

Studies have shown that employees who are allowed flexible working arrangements in Thailand be much more productive. Employees usually reward their employer's trust by going above and beyond what is expected of them. This results in the company are getting much better quality work in fewer hours than in traditional work arrangements. With enough employees working this way, a large corporation could, in essence, realize a savings of millions of dollars each year. These savings come in many ways, such as lower operating costs, lower utility bills, and many others. 

Flexible Working Arrangements Thailand 

With so many companies in Thailand now allowing their employees to work from any location they choose, the demand for upscale virtual office space is growing. That is because no matter how comfortable your home is, you will find many distractions there. Throughout the day, you can expect the phone to ring numerous times, friends or neighbors stopping by and interruptions by other family members. 

There are times when employees must complete work on an important project, and that requires the professional environment found in a normal office environment. For this reason, it can be very beneficial to find a quality provider of leased or virtual office space and establish a working relationship with them. Getting out of the house for a few hours a day is often the best way to focus all your attention on your work. You can eliminate the distractions of trying to work from where you live. You may be able to produce better quality work in a shorter amount of time, and this alone can be worth the investment in a leased office space. 

Enjoy This Servcorp Difference 

At Servcorp Service Offices, we provide a wide range of options to business people who need virtual or leased office space. We strive to give our clients the very best in essentials such as The Internet, phone service, mail service, not to mention luxurious furnishings. You'll have access to a community breakroom where you can relax and make a few new friends. This can also serve as an excellent opportunity to network with other small business owners. 

Servcorp has virtual office space in 140 countries around the world. You can enjoy all the perks of working from a top-notch office, including a bilingual receptionist and an impressive address on your letterhead. Whether you are a single worker or a small business owner, this can truly make the difference in the quantity and quality of work you produce each day. Why not +66 2 231 8100 today to learn more? You can come by and tour any of our locations in Thailand or other countries. We also offer free quotes on all services. We believe you'll appreciate this Servcorp difference.