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Why It Is Important to Embrace Technology as a Business in Thailand?

November 24, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Technology plays a vital role in almost any business of the world. In the west and many other parts of the world, companies rely so much on technology that if technology is taken out of their setup, all of their business activities around the world would come to a halt. With the availability of highly qualified workforce and an outstanding location in the heart of Southeast Asia, the scope of technology is expanding here in Thailand. However, this raises the question as to why most of the businesses in Thailand are still hesitant in incorporating technology into their businesses. Although there is no shortage of resources, one reason seems to be the lack of adequate computer training. Unlike other countries in the Asian region where the computer is a standard part of the curriculum, Thailand hasn't yet implemented similar measures fully. Keeping that in mind, here is why businesses in Thailand need technology to be implemented in their day-to-day activities:

1. Connect different teams virtually within the company

With the help of technology, a business can create team sites and employee portals to help employees enhance their productivity, regardless of their location. This will eliminate "corporate silos", which is a situation where employees working in different departments within the organization do not communicate with each other. Technology allows them to reach out to others working on similar projects within the organization and have their questions answered.

2. Create a communicative environment within the organization

By keeping performance appraisal information at a centralized location using an online framework, managers can easily communicate business strategies and measurable goals to their staff, which in turn supports the business objectives of an organization.

Due to the greater visibility, employees are able to see the complete picture and analyze how well their individual goals fit into the business objectives of the company. This creates excited and motivated employees, which in turn increases the overall productivity of the business.

3. Monitor employee progress and business productivity

With the help of online framework, managers can easily monitor the phase wise progress of the project and take necessary steps to keep the deadlines and progress on track. This entire process leads to higher business productivity, as the workforce is constantly learning new skills while being challenged every day to do their best. Rewarding the team for their achievements through monetary and non-monetary incentives boosts their morale.

4. Use technology to identify the skills of the employees

With the use of adequate technology, managers can compare the current skills of the members of their team with those required for promotion or other form of employee advancement. You may realize that some of your employees need to be transferred to some other department, where their skill can best be utilized. If there are barriers to better performance of an employee, the manager can review the situation easily and find out an appropriate solution in the form of better resource allocation or training.

5. Performance analysis

The business technology of today employs advanced reporting to allow the managers gain a deeper understanding of the performance of the business, trends in the market and the preferences of the customer. The executives can access performance indicators and analytical reports and use this information to define or redefine the strategy.

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