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Why get a serviced office?

26 Sep 2012 | Servcorp

Getting office space in a good location and in an eye-catching building for a reasonable price is a triumph for any company. However, the astute entrepreneur should not only look for space, but also for a serviced office, which has many advantages over a space that comes without staff.

These sorts of advantages are particularly relevant to new companies: if you are not yet used to the building, the area, or the culture (not uncommon in our era of globalized business), knowledgeable staff can help you and your employees get on your feet in a new environment. IT staff, for example, can be the key to helping you set up your technology. In addition, a receptionist offered to you by the rental company might be more accustomed to dealing with the local people—quite helpful if you are doing your best to avoid culture clash in the initial months. These sorts of service staff can free up your time and attention for dealing with other matters in your business, and you can begin operations sooner.

A more critical consideration, however, is the question of security. There are many ways in which unskilled or downright unscrupulous staff might endanger your company. For example, security staff might be neglectful, and end up letting in people bringing weapons or dangerous materials. Unscrupulous IT staff might hack into your sensitive data. Custodial staff might also be able to perpetrate more low-tech but no less damaging forms of theft. If you are new to the area/city/country, you might have a difficult time hiring staff you can trust. However, a reliable office rental company is likely to be able to offer you space that is already staffed with skilled, honest people.

All in all, a serviced office has very strong advantages over unstaffed rental space. Keep in mind that these advantages also hold true for rented cyberspace for online offices and business sites.