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What Are the Biggest Export Markets in Thailand?

April 2, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Many products that people buy from around the world are actually made in Thailand. The country offers a vast pool of skilled laborers along with very affordable manufacturing costs. The government is very business-friendly and they strive to make this region a very simple place for entrepreneurs to do business. Two-thirds of the country's gross domestic product is derived from the export market.

In addition, Thailand has excellent seaports and shipping channels. Large ships move in and out of her harbors each day due to the heavy import/export business. For these reasons and many more, this country is a major global exporter. Below are the top five exports from Thailand.

Computer Industry

The United States, Great Britain and China are a few of the top countries who rely on computers and computer components from Thailand. There are numerous manufacturing plants that turn out everything from motherboards and CPU's to laptop computers and data storage units. Since the world is so dependent upon its computers now, this field has grown dramatically in the last 25 years, contributing in large part to Thailand's growth.

Rubber and Rubber Products

Each year, Thailand exports millions of dollars' worth of rubber and rubber by-products such as latex.  In fact, rubber exports comprise over 35% of the total rubber export business worldwide. Thailand is also the world's largest grower of rubber, and this region has the perfect climate and soil conditions for rubber trees to flourish.

Commercial Vehicles

Five major countries import delivery trucks from Thailand. These include the United States, Japan, Mexico, Germany and Thailand itself. With the abundance of commercial space for manufacturing and the wealth of good employees, Thailand easily exports millions of dollars' worth of trucks and heavy machinery. Transportation vehicles include trucks, cars, vans, and delivery trucks.

Refined Petroleum

The top five countries that export refined petroleum from Thailand are Russia, Singapore, Netherlands, United States, and India.  Refined Petroleum (HS: 2710) is ranked 1025 with a Product Complexity Index (PCI) of -1.06414. Among the petroleum by-products that are most widely sought are gas, oil, kerosene, aviation fuel, diesel, jet fuel, and bituminous.


Though Thailand is only responsible for 1.45% of the world's gold supplies, since this product is so valuable those exports result in millions of dollars each year that work to strengthen the economy. Akara Mining Limited operates the Chatree gold mine in central Thailand, 280km north of Bangkok. It is a Thai subsidiary of Australian company, Kingsgate. Chatree is Thailand's first modern gold mine and it began operations in November 2001.

Each year, thousands of would-be entrepreneurs come to Thailand looking to score big on some new highly lucrative deal. Though such deals sometimes come along, it takes hard work, a little luck, venture capital, and knowing someone in business there who could mentor you.

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