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The Difference Between Servcorp Serviced Offices and Other Providers in Thailand

December 04, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

The biggest obstacle that many of them face is finding the right office space for their business. This can be solved with serviced or leased office space. Though Thailand has a great deal of serviced office space to offer, many are lacking in some of the major services that a business person requires to succeed. Thailand serves a large population of offshore companies who choose this region due to its strategic location and vast natural resources. This highly profitable area has a strong economy and many new startups come here each year. 

Get a Reliable Communications Network at Servcorp 

One of the major amenities that Servcorp offers is dependable communications system built with the latest and greatest technology. You can get a dedicated receptionist who is bi-lingual and this gives your business a very professional face. You'll also enjoy a local phone number. Another feature that business owners love is the luxurious décor and furnishings at Servcorp. When guests arrive for meetings, they're greeted by well-trained people who are courteous. 

Get a Prestigious Address 

Mail and email handling and forwarding are also very beneficial for business owners. You get a prestigious address to list on your company letterhead and you never have to worry about missing an important message. You also have access to Servcorp Onefax, a secure fax to mail technology, along with access to video conferencing. This can make life easier for any business owner and will give clients and investors the impression that your business is much larger than it really is. 

Save Time and Money by Dealing with Professionals 

What if you could set up a top quality office presence in a prime location in Thailand without the huge financial outlay? That's the beauty of what Servcorp has to offer. You can get premier office space in any one of the three skyscrapers. These include #1 Silom Road, Park Ventures Ecoplex, and The Offices at Central world. Many well-known corporations have offices in these buildings so you'll be rubbing elbows with executives from international companies.  The cost to get set up and going is minimal when compared to a dedicated office. You won't have the hassle of hiring and training new employees. Servcorp gives you very efficient employees who work for you when you need them. 

Get Services You Can Count On from Servcorp 

A new business needs all the help it can get when just starting out. When you have a professional office in Thailand's business district that is all set up and ready when you are, you can start building your company much sooner. Servcorp provides every service and amenity that business owners are looking for and all this doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars. Their reputation across the world is well-known and that means you will get the great services you pay for. Smaller providers of leased office space may come and go. You may not get deluxe office space completely furnished with stunning décor and furniture. When you deal with unknown service providers, you can never be sure of a reliable communications network. 

Work with a Proven Winner 

When you need a professional receptionist, IT and HR personnel, beautiful meeting rooms and a comfortable place to work each day at an affordable price, Servcorp is the one to choose. Servcorp Serviced Offices are conveniently located in major economic centers around the world. Their reputation can be counted on for quality leased office space and there are no contracts to sign. You can get all the great features mentioned above at charges that will fit your budget. Please call for a free tour of any location.