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Startup Financing Options in Thailand

July 28, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

One thing that most entrepreneurs have in common is that they generally need venture capital in order to move forward with their great business idea. In spite of their other skills, entrepreneurs often struggle with raising the funds they need. Some of those who are newer in business are not sure when they're getting a good deal. What do “fair terms” really look like? This can change with the type of business, amount, region and other variables. 

Thailand is an investor's dream location for a startup. Labor is much less expensive than in many other countries and good commercial property is fairly priced. Even with all these pluses, any business idea will require some startup capital and there are numerous places to start looking. If you already own a company and are simply trying to expand, the options are much different than if you're looking for startup capital. You can usually borrow money on a successful business or issue company stock. This is called Equity and it may be secured from angel investors or venture capital firms. 

Crowdfunding in Thailand 

Capital for a true startup business can be difficult to acquire because lenders cannot be absolutely sure that your idea will be a winner. Many with a clever idea or invention have moved to Crowdfunding platforms. Perhaps you've invented a better mouse or a life-saving new auto feature. The general public seems to enjoy getting behind worthy causes now. Though the idea is quite new in Thailand, many Asian economic experts believe it will be an important concept to spur economic growth and encourage new entrepreneurs. 

Traditional Lenders 

This is often where business owners start their search for venture capital. In order to convince a bank in Thailand to loan money for a new startup, you'll need a strong business plan. You should also have sound personal credit. If possible, collateral can be used to seal the deal. Equity in a residential or commercial property could be leveraged to get the money necessary. Banks nowadays are not as willing to take financial risks as they have been in the past due to global economic woes. 

Venture Capitalists 

This is often a group of professionals who are interested in funding strong startup ideas. Many times, they have ample money to invest and simply need convincing that your business will be profitable enough for them to get their investment back with interest. This is the ideal funding resource, but it does have a few downsides. The biggest one is that they generally search for larger opportunities because these usually offer a much larger payoff in the end. The startup and the entrepreneur will need to be stable and have a professional team behind it. In some cases, it will be necessary to relinquish partial control of the company. 

Lower Startup Costs 

In order to curb expenses, many new startups lease their office space including staff members. This can save thousands of dollars and this might be the difference in whether or not you can move forward with your new business. Servcorp Serviced Offices in Thailand offer the very best in luxury office space. They come in all sizes and can include the amenities that are most important to you. Get professional IT and HR personnel along with bi-lingual staff members who will be available when you need them. Call +66 2 231 8100 to learn more.