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Small Franchise Businesses in Thailand

February 26, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Thailand offers many unique advantages to today's savvy entrepreneurs.  With a little start-up capital and an aggressive Business Plan, thousands of business people each year find their own niche and become successful. But there are also a number of small franchise businesses that require very little venture capital. In some cases, it's possible to avoid some of the work and cost of opening a new business. Many franchises include this in the price, so you're getting a business that's completely ready to open its doors. If you're new to Thailand, then this can be the simplest method of getting into business, but be sure that you're completely informed about what will be expected of you.

The $25,000 Investment Range

Small franchises are available for small or larger investments ranging from $20,000 to $150,000.  In the $25,000 range, you might be able to start an app development company since there are billions of dollars being made each year in that field. IT and HR firms are always in great demand. You may need to start out small and grow your company over several years.

The $50,000 Investment Range

In the $50,000 investment range, you'll find some good opportunities that allow you to own and operate your own business and earn a substantial income. If you have experience in software engineering, then you could build some type of company that works with that industry or services it. Advertising is always needed in every country for every type of business. A professional ad agency could service many of the large corporations that work out of Thailand.

The $100,000 Range

In this range, you can start an accounting firm to service the many companies in Thailand. All large and small businesses need qualified accountants and financial advisers. In the field of Information Technology, there is a wide range of great opportunities such as Enterprise Infrastructure, security manager, and software architect.

Franchises Over $150,000

This range includes larger businesses that might require 10 or more employees. Architects and Commercial construction companies do well in Thailand since it is a world-class financial center. Imagine being responsible for constructing an iconic building like The Bayoke II Tower. Other franchises in this price range include vehicle or equipment leasing and the import/export trade.

Get a Prestigious Downtown Address

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