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Serviced Office Space in Bangkok

18 Aug 2012 | Servcorp

In a crowded, lively city such as Bangkok, space is at a premium. It is one of the many mediums through which companies (especially new ones) must compete with each other in order to succeed in the Thai market. Companies are not only trying to find space, period, but also to get it in the best areas, and in the best buildings. However, simply finding the ideal space is not enough. You also have to do your best to ensure that the space is also serviced by good staff.

For example, office space in a gorgeous, well-situated building is of little use when you have no janitorial staff around to help you keep it clean. In addition, the good reputation you have established for your company might be undercut by the absence of a decent receptionist to help you handle clients and guests. If your company is foreign, a good receptionist becomes even more critical, as he/she can help you bridge the cultural gap between your company and local clientele—quite important in Thailand, where interpersonal contact (not just sheer efficiency) is key to good business. At the end of the day, you need various sorts of staff—not just associates, managers, etc.—to keep your company running smoothly. Clearly, both the space and the staff who attend to it must both be taken into consideration when choosing a serviced office in Bangkok.

Thankfully, there are rental services that help you avoid the dilemma of having to choose between good service and good space: you can, indeed, get both for a reasonable price. It can be quite worthwhile to dig until you find a rental company that truly can give you everything you need to make the most out of office space. Ask about how companies select and train their service staff, so you know the kind of people you will be working with.

Remember, the building is not yours, so staff such as lobby receptionists (on the ground floor of the building, not in your office itself) might be outside your sole control. Thus, make sure to work with a company that you know will not only get the right space, but the right service personnel for you.