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Servcorp Virtual Office in Thailand Services

March 2012 | Servcorp

Servcorp is basically the leading provider of Bangkok Office Solutions, particularly when it comes to providing companies with their own Virtual Office in Thailand. If a company is looking for a fully managed office space without paying an arm and a leg for it, then Servcorp has exactly what it needs and more. The office solutions provider offers everything a business will ever need in order to run smoothly and effectively. The Servcorp Virtual Office package in Thailand delivers many features and benefits, primarily the ability to access the office anytime and anywhere even when at home. When it comes to topnotch Thailand virtual office services with loads and loads of benefits, few office solution providers out there can match Servcorp's prowess.

The Most Comprehensive Virtual Office in Thailand Package
Even if the business is based abroad, across another town, or is home-based, the virtual office will cater to a company's long-distance needs with state-of-the-art technology and the most complete office utilities imaginable. It's quite easy to register online for the virtual office package. There's no need for a security deposit, and as soon as a business has been registered it can begin operations in mere minutes. There's also a risk-free trial for over a month so that clients can test the waters without getting into any long-term commitments, so to speak. Membership to this service is flexible, plus the contract is updated month-by-month to ensure zero difficulties on the client's part.

Servcorp's Virtual Office in Thailand includes: Access to voicemail delivery through SMS or email, 24-hour interactive voicemail (e.g., the person on the other line can press 1 for mobile, press 2 for a colleague, press 3 for home, and so forth), a local business telephone number, a multilingual personal assistant for regular or last-minute jobs, answering and transferring calls on the company's behalf (they're even answered in the name of the company and can be transferred from anywhere in the world), worldwide complimentary access to any executive business lounge for up to three hours every day, and so forth.

What to Expect from Servcorp
Servcorp is a proud innovator and vanguard of the virtual and serviced office field. It has in its arsenal of services a plethora of technology-driven solutions that are sure to benefit businesses everywhere. Instead of worrying about rent, overhead expenses, office supplies, location, and a multitude of other related but separate issues on top of establishing headquarters for a given Bangkok business, a company can now let Servcorp handle the details, which gives it more time, money, and energy to spend on business growth. To make life easier for companies looking for a simple yet efficient way of breaking through the Thailand market with a local base of operations is Servcorp's overriding aim.

The Servcorp Virtual Office Advantage
One particular feature that sets Servcorp apart from its competition is its dedicated, multilingual receptionist at a chosen location that handles all calls and is the epitome of congeniality. Instead of letting call centers handle calls, a receptionist will be on standby in order to avoid any possible miscommunication typically associated with outsourced work. Online adjustment of receptionist instructions is also possible. Servcorp even has the Onefone service that serves as a global communications network of sorts and handles a company's call mobility and savings and the Onefax service which is a secure fax-to-email technology exclusive to Servcorp.

As for the business address, the Servcorp Virtual Office in Thailand package offers the use of one of many prestigious city locations as the address for correspondence and corporate material. Speaking of which, mail and courier management is also covered by the virtual office all-inclusive deal. If that's not enough, then how about worldwide access to day offices, meeting rooms, and boardrooms for as little as ten minutes a day or even the entire day? Servcorp clients can also use online meeting hosting and video conferencing services as well as an instant online booking system that guarantees all your reservations are confirmed and secure.