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Renting Office Space

13 July 2012 | Servcorp

At present, Bangkok is one of the most exciting places in the world to do business. It has a bustling business community, and welcomes expatriates from all over the world. Thailand's rich culture, reasonable living costs, and recent increase in political stability also make the city a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs.

However, it is possible that the city's very popularity is actually an obstacle to some entrepreneurs. With business centers becoming quite crowded, it can be difficult for businesspeople to find reasonably-priced office space in good locations, and with the amenities they would like for their business.

This is where office rental service companies come in. There are some companies that specifically cater to people who wish to establish headquarters or branch offices in Bangkok. These specialized companies have the advantage of years of experience with the city, as well as different types of office space scattered in prime locations throughout Bangkok, so as to give their prospective clients several options, depending on their needs and budget.

Such a company might be able to give you business advice. For example, you might be wondering whether it is a good idea to locate your company near other similar businesses. On the one hand, potential customers and partners may prefer to visit an area where all similar businesses are clustered together. An office located far away from this established cluster might seem less legitimate. On the other hand, you may be exposing yourself to a lot of competition, which might be avoided by placing your office in a different part of the city, where other such companies are scarce. A company with a lot of experience serving businesses in Bangkok might be able to give you suggestions as to what works, based on the customs and trends present in the Bangkok market.

If you wish to open offices in Bangkok, having a good rental service company on your side can give you an edge, particularly if you have little experience doing business in the city. Think of the service as a great investment that can be the foundation of a successful business in Thailand.

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