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Renting an Office in Bangkok

24 April 2012 | Servcorp

One of the most important considerations for opening a business—in Bangkok as elsewhere—is dealing with overhead costs. The cost of procuring and maintaining office space comprises a large chunk of overhead.

Thus, many entrepreneurs are turning to office space rental services. Fortunately, several such services are available to those who wish to set up Bangkok offices.

The best of these services provide businesses with a comprehensive package that includes a receptionist, IT network and infrastructure, and IT staff. Thus, businesses stand to save both money and time, since they do not have to look for other companies or agencies who will hook them up with a receptionist, tech support staff, etc.

Those who are well-acquainted with the nature of business in Bangkok know that the city holds several business and financial districts, each with a distinct personality, specialization, and set of potential drawbacks. Find a service provider that will not only get you an office in Bangkok in the desired location, but can also help you decide where to locate your office, given the unique characteristics of your business. As your business develops, you might want to maintain a long-term relationship with your office space provider, so that you can get help and advice if you wish to consider changing the location of your office, or would like to open up additional branches elsewhere in Bangkok.

However, not all offices these days are actual physical spaces. Many are now virtual. People with very small businesses, those who work from home, or people who are unwilling or unable to actually come to Thailand to set up business would do well to consider this option.

The good news is that some providers of rented Bangkok office space provide virtual space as well as its physical counterpart. They may even let you set up a site and use it for free for the first month, just to give their virtual office space a try. As a result, you might even want to try a crossover using the same provider: start a small company online, and when you are ready, get physical office space in Bangkok.

Bangkok is an exciting and vibrant city, not just because of its famed culture and tourist spots, but also because of its business potential. With the presence of these sorts of office rental services, Bangkok seems set to become an even better place to do business.