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Quick and Easy Ways to Find Office Space in Bangkok

August 03, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Each year, entrepreneurs from all over the world find their way to Bangkok to take advantage of the lucrative business opportunities available. Since Bangkok is considered the hub of Thailand's economy, it is often a prime destination for investors. It is home to the nation's largest seaports and one-third of the banks are located in Thailand. The basic unit of currency is the baht and though the exchange rate does fluctuate, it's approximately 40 baht to one U.S. dollar. 

Many of the factories and small businesses in Bangkok are family-owned and operated. Though factory and industrial space can be quite inexpensive in certain parts of town, every small business owner will eventually require a luxury office space. Sometimes the space is only needed for investor meetings, and sometimes for regular part-time clerical work. The smart business owners in Bangkok search for ways to get the best space possible for the lowest cost. Even larger companies in the electronics sector may be looking for ways to cut back on front office expenses, and Bangkok offers many such opportunities. 

Commercial Real Estate Agency 

Bangkok has many commercial real estate agencies that rent office space throughout the city. Some may charge upfront fees for their services, while others are more likely to charge monthly ongoing fees that may be included in your lease payment. When inquiring about these, be sure to ask about the costs and additional expenses. For instance, some office space will come equipped with phones, internet and personnel, while others will charge extra for each item. Usually, these agencies have service packages that include certain amenities. Ask about signing a long-term contract too. You might be required to sign up for one or two years. 


This is a popular place to find almost anything including office space in Bangkok. Craigslist does have many regular listings for this, but tread cautiously as this website has had many problems in the past. Some of the ads for office space may be legitimate, but make every effort to verify information you are given so that you don't sign up for a beautiful office space in a skyscraper that turns out to be a small building away from the Central Business District. Ask about furnishings and other amenities. Make sure your contract specifies what services are included. 

Classified Ads 

Bangkok has quite extensive classified ads for office space throughout the city. Some of these ads are offices for sale and some are for rent or lease. Some may include equipment and furnishings. It's best to research the seller to make sure they have a good reputation. There are always going to be scams going around where a luxurious office space is advertised when you really only get a small, drab spot away from the center of business. When an ad seems too good to be true, it usually isn't. 

Servcorp Serviced Office 

As the world leader in serviced office space, Servcorp has an excellent reputation of providing top quality office spaces and luxury amenities. All services are fully explained and office spaces come in many sizes to fit every budget. Servcorp has beautiful office space for lease in many of Bangkok's most prestigious buildings. 

A few of the buildings that Servcorp has to offer are #1 Siloam Road, the Park Ventures Ecoplex, and the Offices at Central World. You can choose the amenities that are most important to you so that you aren't paying for services you don't need. For instance, you may only need a prestigious address for your letterhead and mail forwarding services. Other times, you might need a professional boardroom to entertain elite guests or investors. Call +66 2 231 8100 today to learn more about leasing luxury office space in Bangkok.