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Most Profitable Small Businesses in Thailand

February 6, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Thailand is second only to China in exports and manufacturing. It's one of the best places in the world for any type of international import/export business. Wholesalers and retailers alike look to Thailand for many of their products. Labor is cheap there as well. There's adequate access to goods and services at very low rates. The government makes it easy to start a new business and encourages business growth with numerous incentives and programs.

Thai Silk

This high quality silk from Thailand is highly sought for making all types of garments. Your business could sell the silk itself in bulk or you could build a garment manufacturing plant and create beautiful designs and then export your clothing line all over the world. The choices are endless from blouses and scarves to dresses. Because it is a high quality fabric, you can expect to get more for each item. Retail prices run in the hundreds of dollars for just one blouse. Create your own brand or export to big chain stores.

Foods and Restaurants

As in any large society, most people work hard and just don't have time to cook a delicious meal for their family. If you're starting out on a budget, choose a vendor cart or stall at some market or shopping center. You can sell local favorites like rice and roast duck, various soups, and fried vegetables. Different areas of the city have their own specialties. Do some research into the area where you'll be setting up your business to learn what the favorites are. There are many tourists and expats in Thailand so foreign dishes such as Texas barbecue or German sausage might do well there.

Jewelry Manufacturing

Jewelry has been an important industry in Thailand for many years. They have access to high quality gems and low cost precious metals. According to the Ministry of Commerce, over $22 million per year is earned in the jewelry industry with the USA a major importer. Your business might simply be a wholesale gem exporting company or you can design beautiful pieces of jewelry and sell those to major chain stores around the world.

Web Design

With so many people setting up new businesses in Thailand each year, it's no wonder that there's such a need for professional web designers. Every successful business needs a great website. Online marketing is so important these days and most web designer companies also offer this service including SEO. A beautiful, top-ranking web site will get you on the fast track to a very profitable future.

Innovative Tech Products

Thailand exports millions of dollars' worth of laptops, smartphones, digital cameras and other cool high-tech products each year.  Start with something you know a little bit about or choose your product based on start-up costs. Build solid machines and sell them at affordable prices. Be sure to offer good customer support.

Develop an Upscale Presence

If you need low-cost office space, Servcorp Serviced Offices provides deluxe serviced and virtual offices at a fraction of the cost of a normal business office. In Thailand, entrepreneurs can choose convenient locations in the Central Business District. Each office is attractively furnished and includes personnel such as a dedicated receptionist, IT and HR staff. High speed internet and many other perks are included with professional boardrooms and meeting rooms available for any size group. Please call Servcorp Serviced Offices to learn more.