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Marketing Your Business Online

December 12, 2013 | Valerie Wong

The Internet has given businesses everywhere the possibility to send their message out to millions of prospective customers from all over the world. While online marketing may be a very powerful way of sending out the message about your business, there are many small and medium sized business owners that don't know where to start. If you haven't used the Internet to promote your business before, here are a few things that you should be aware of:

Know the Different Marketing Channels and Their Uses

In the online world, there are dozens of different marketing channels that can be used to promote businesses. You can use social media, video marketing, SEO, email marketing, classified ads, display ads, business directories, pay-per-click ads and a whole lot more. When you're just starting out, it would be a good idea to go over some of the top Internet marketing channels that can be used. This will allow you to learn how they work, what results they can bring, how much they cost and what type of business they are best suited for. Having the right information from the start will help you make the right decisions about your online campaigns.

Start by Building Your Online Presence

The first step to marketing your business on the Internet would be building a presence online. This would entail creating a website for your business, which will give visitors information about your company, its products, as well as offer them ways to get in touch with you if they have questions or would like to buy something. Depending on the type of business you run, you may create an e-commerce site, which would allow customers to buy your products and services online.

Once your website is done, there are other places where you can showcase your business on the Internet. You can create social media pages for your company on the major networks, like Facebook, Google + and Twitter. If you have a business where your customers come to your location, such as a restaurant or a retail shop, you can add your company to various online business directories, as well as review sites such as Yelp.

Consider Hiring Some Help

Whether you do your online marketing in-house or outsource it to another company is a decision that you will have to make as you get started. This decision will be guided by several factors, such as your budget, the objectives you are trying to achieve online, your level of knowledge of online marketing techniques, as well as the amount of time that you can devote to building and maintaining various Internet marketing campaigns for your company.

There are many reliable firms that you can partner up with, which can give you a helping hand in promoting your company. Some of them may specialize in a specific marketing method, such as optimizing your position in search engine results (SEO), or could set up and manage a diverse range of online campaigns for you. Of course, it is always possible to do a combination of the two. For example, you can hire a web development firm to create a professional-looking website for you and then you can use it to promote your business on related discussion forums and social media websites.

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