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Marketing Solutions for Your Small Business in Thailand

August 11, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Today's fast-changing eCommerce environment necessitates ingenious marketing solutions that are on target and hit every note. In order to remain competitive, a small business in Thailand has to know their target market, plus they must understand how to reach that market with their message. When everything works in unison perfectly, you can expect to be a market leader. This often requires the ability to be flexible and change with the times and seasons. What works today may not work tomorrow. The entire field of marketing is evolving and most business owners struggle to stay up to date. 

The Elements of Good Marketing 

Good marketing begins with your brand. Many successful brands have a “story” about how they came to be. Your story can draw consumers in and help them relate better to your brand. Your logo should be an extension of the brand name. It should be on all correspondence and packaging, along with email auto responders, brochures and other public relations campaigns. The idea is to get consumers used to seeing your brand so it will feel familiar and trusted. 

The Business Plan 

Another initial step should be your business plan. Thailand is a top-notch import export nation with large manufacturing plants that represent companies all over the world. Large and small companies come each year seeking their fortune and many fail. The successful small business begins with a solid business plan. Though it should be thorough, realize that it may develop and evolve over time. Since the business world is always changing, so will your business plan. Keep it relevant and timely. Tweak it from time to time. 

Marketing Strategies 

How can you remain competitive with such a large playing field? The answer is by moving forward with innovative marketing strategies consistently. These must be artfully executed to make a substantial impact upon consumers. Of course, if the budget allows it, working with a professional marketing agency can greatly simplify things. But in Thailand, many new startups just don't have the money. A marketing budget can run up to one-third of the overall budget, so do everything possible yourself as long as you feel confident about this. 

Staying on Budget 

Today, there are many freelancers who can perform tasks from logo design to writing the web content.  You might be able to get top quality work done for a fraction of the cost. Another good idea is to look for locals who have the skills you need. Thailand has a large workforce that is very skilled and educated. They often do not require high salaries such as workers in the US. 

Get an Impressive Address in Thailand's Business District 

Another money-saving tip is to lease your office space. Servcorp Serviced Offices have offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms in all sizes that are fully furnished with luxury décor and modern equipment. You can get a dedicated receptionist and bi-lingual IT people all included in one low monthly payment. Even if you only need an office part time or just a mail forwarding service, Servcorp Serviced Offices can help. Our upscale offices are located in Thailand's most prominent skyscrapers and they make the perfect place for you to meet with foreign investors, advertising executives, or potential customers. You can get an impressive address in Thailand for your business and many other amenities for one low monthly rate from Servcorp. Please call +66 2 231 8100 if you would like a free quote on office space or meeting rooms.