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IBM to assist Thai government in cloud project

May 2013 | Servcorp

The Thai government has planned to make its cloud computing project fully efficient for some time now, and its hopes of doing so were recently boosted by the news that tech industry powerhouse IBM are to collaborate with them on it.

Essentially, CAT Telecom (the state owned ICT enterprise) will now adopt the IBM SmartCloud enterprise within its cloud services, to improve its offerings to both private and government agencies. However, also included in the deal will be IBM providing the government with cloud infrastructure management services over the next four years.

It's hoped that in the long term, the move will provide CAT with enough know-how to ultimately improve Thailand's competitiveness on the world stage, through its ability to create infrastructures that serve and benefit both the private and public sector.

From a strategic standpoint, the move is a smart one. IBM are one of the best-known brands in all of technology, and their expertise can't be denied.

In the short term, the move will also allow the government to reduce power consumption and improve server storage performance while keeping costs at a manageable level.

By using the IBM service, they'll also be able to benefit from pay-per-use models. Perhaps most significantly though, they'll be able to use IT resources that can be scaled to meet different business needs – meaning they'll be able to react accordingly to business growth over the next few years.

The move's full effectiveness will only be proven in time of course, and much of that will hinge on how effectively CAT can make use of IBM's expertise.

Businesses within Thailand and those with a vested interest in the nation will be hoping that they're able to take full advantage of the opportunity. After all, with cloud set-ups becoming ever more prevalent in worldwide business, having a government that knows not only the importance of the technology, but also how to make full use of it, can't be a bad thing whatsoever.