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How to Rent a Virtual Office in Thailand and Appear Bigger Than You Really Are

November 04, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Running a successful business in Thailand is hard work, but it pays off well due to the lucrative business opportunities there. Many entrepreneurs are looking for tips and tricks to get ahead of the competition. One important tip is to try and make your company seem much bigger than it is. It's also important to make the business seem professional and for that you'll need a prestigious address in the central business district. 

There are a few other things that you can do to make your business seem bigger than it is. These include having your own dedicated receptionist, a local phone number, having exceptional internet service, and a luxurious meeting room. There will be times when you need to have high level meetings to discuss the future with your investors. A spacious board room will give investors confidence that your business is worthy of their time and money. 

All of these amenities will come at a price in Thailand. There are many well-known skyscrapers in the central business district with plenty of good shopping and restaurants nearby but these are hard to get and expensive. The solution that many small business owners have come up with is to lease virtual office space in Thailand. There are some important things to look for in order to make this an amazing success. 

Leasing Month-to-Month 

If your business is really successful, you'll be wanting to add space, employees, inventory and other things like this over the next year or so. That's why it makes more sense to lease virtual office space month-to-month instead of locking yourself into a two-year contract. Be sure to find out what's included in your monthly payment. Will you have a dedicated receptionist? This can really make your company seem larger and more efficient. Make sure you have access to copiers, fax machines and an upscale communications network. 

Many new startups have discovered how convenient serviced offices are and this can help you to avoid high start-up costs. A leased office should be located conveniently in a popular area for businesses with above average hotels nearby for investors who come to town for meetings. Business people appreciate being catered to especially if they're thinking about investing so you'll also need excellent night clubs and restaurants nearby. 

Though a prestigious address is important, you'll also need top notch IT and HR services and these are available when you choose the right virtual office space that offers many quality features. This is an economical route for business owners, but you don't have to sacrifice on those professional services you're looking for. You can get luxurious furnishings, bi-lingual personnel and many other features all for one low monthly price. Even your own friends will believe your business is larger than it really is. 

Thailand is an important business center in Asia with amazing seaports and air transportation. Companies from all over the world come each year and make it big. There are endless opportunities for the smart entrepreneur, but it is important to make your company seem larger than it is in order to get the big contracts. 

Develop an Upscale Presence 

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