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How to Get Your Foot in the Thai Market

November 26, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Thailand has developed a strong market-driven economy through its industrial and services industries. Though these grow and develop more each year, there's always room for expansion and improvement. Many entrepreneurs have come to the region with a small amount of money and a big idea. They've made it big and become successful, inspiring other entrepreneurs from all over the world to take that step of faith. 

One of the big questions that most have, regards how to get started. How does a new entrepreneur come into Thailand, get accepted, and start doing business? One of the best ideas that has worked over the years for all business types is simply to find a need and fill it. For instance, Thailand is the offshore headquarters of numerous large corporations. These include communications and technology companies who need services and products every day. These large corporations need a long list of goods and services to do business every day. Even if your only job was to provide office supplies or copy paper to several large companies, you could quickly build a stable small business. 

How Much Can You Invest? 

If you have a small amount of money for your startup, then begin with a sound business idea that won't cost much. There are many business ideas to consider. Work hard to build a good reputation. Once you've been around the city of Bangkok for several years, people will recognize that you're honest and a hard worker. You can continue to add products and services and expect strong sales due to your prior connections. 

If you have many thousands of dollars to invest, then start some type of consulting firm. You might offer consulting services to those large companies in any number of fields including IT, HR, engineering, marketing, public relations and many others. Be sure to select a field where you have proven education and experience. If you work hard and get good results for your clients, your reputation will expand and increase. Don't be timid about asking your current customers to give you good feedback or testimonials for your website. 

Be Tenacious but Professional 

Regardless of where your expertise lies, you can find a way to get your foot in the Thai market with dependable products and services. During the course of business, be honest, straightforward, courteous and professional. The people of Thailand appreciate courtesy. Even in the business community, leaders and workers are very polite. Study the culture of the region to make sure you understand the nuances. It would greatly harm your chances of success if you were offensive to an associate, client or business colleague. 

Saving Money in Your Startup 

Many new business owners find it profitable to lease virtual office space in a well-known business center around Bangkok. When your customers see where your offices are located, they are more likely to have confidence in you. It doesn't take a large investment to lease virtual office space and you can change your level of services very easily. 

Exclusive Business Centers 

Servcorp Serviced Offices give business owners a highly original method of doing business from prime locations in the Central Business District of Bangkok. This company provides fully furnished, staffed virtual office space in Asia's best regions. Get a prestigious downtown address, internet, phones, a dedicated receptionist and all the perks of a top-notch downtown office. 

Servcorp has a global 24/7 network operations center to ensure customers will receive the best services. They take pride in giving clients high quality services at affordable prices. Your monthly expenses for a leased office space will be consistent and therefore easier to budget for. Please call +66 2 231 8100 to find out how you can get professional services in Thailand for your new business.