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Getting Office Space for Rent in Bangkok

17 April 2012 | Servcorp

Besides being a hot spot for tourism and shopping, Bangkok is also one of the most exciting cities in the world for business, particularly since Thailand has pulled quite well through its recent political turmoil. It is no surprise, therefore, that many businesses—both domestic and from outside Thailand—are seeking to put up new offices in Bangkok.

Office space for rent in Bangkok (rather than offices that are owned and/or built by the business operators) can be particularly attractive to entrepreneurs who only plan to have an office in Bangkok for a short while, or who are exploring their prospects in the city before putting down long-term roots.

You might also be fortunate enough to engage a provider with locations in important business and financial centers such as Silom and Phra Ram 2, or in up-and-coming business districts like Phra Ram 3. Bangkok offices in these areas can be hard to come by without help. However, with a good provider, you can get office space for rent in Bangkok that, by virtue of a location at a familiar street or building, will be more convenient for your customers, partners, and staff. If you already have an area in mind, or at least have already narrowed down your options to a few choices, target providers that already have facilities available in these locations. Otherwise, go to a provider that has space for offices all over Bangkok, so you can keep your options open.

Bangkok office space rental services—or at least the high-quality ones—provide you with much more than physical space in a desired location. You may also avail of services like in-house IT networks and infrastructure, plus staff who can fix computers and related equipment in case problems arise. A trained receptionist in the building can also help handle callers. Of course, it also ceases to be necessary to maintain and house these people in your own offices. Most likely, good furnishings will also be included.

Cutting-edge providers can also get you a virtual office that, while not being physically located in Bangkok, is specifically targeted towards potential customers and partners in that area. This option is extremely useful for very small businesses, particularly those outside Thailand. See if the provider will let you try the option for a month, free of charge. Some providers who are sure of the quality of their product will do this for you.

With the sprouting of these services, Bangkok is becoming a more and more attractive business environment for the savvy, adventurous entrepreneur.