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Full 3G finally makes its way to Thailand

May 2013 | Servcorp

In a move that'll further strengthen Thailand's reputation as a growing business hub, full 3G has finally made its way to Thailand.

Yes, after a 20 year wait, the international standard 2.1-gigahertz band will be available in Bangkok and 20 other major provinces within the country.

AIS were the first to roll out the service, and they were closely followed by True Move, with DTAC due to announce their own 3G plans imminently.

The move brings to an end the concession regime that's been used within the country for years, and would appear to truly signal a shift in the country's mobile landscape.

While the benefits of 3G from a user experience standpoint will be well known by anyone that's versed in mobile technology, it's the benefits the service will bring to businesses that'll be of concern to those with an interest in the country's development.

The access to full 3G obviously opens up a host of options with regards to the likes of working on the move and remotely, and it also allows the opportunity to make full use of relevant business apps and social media.

In particular though, it creates opportunities for businesses in the tech sector. Thai businesses will now have far more scope to create and manage apps, while the improved internet access for members of the Thai public will create plenty of knock-on opportunities.

Until now, 82 million Thais have had a 3G-enabled phone which they haven't been able to make full use of – it doesn't take a genius to work out the market opportunities that this opens up.

Whether you're looking at things from a marketing, product or sales standpoint, it's an opportunity to engage with 82 million people that wasn't there before.

That means Thai businesses might need to completely rethink their marketing strategies to incorporate mobile technologies.

Doing so might seem like a hassle just now, but ensuring your Thai operations have a plan in place to attract customers through 3G will likely pay dividends in the future.