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Customers Appreciate Premium Executive Offices with 5-Star Design

22 Feb 2013 | Servcorp

The best executive office is one that combines a 5-star design and efficiency with a touch of friendly ambiance and establishes a comfortable environment. This is the best way to show off your sense of taste to customers as they are inclined to scrutinize everything that they encounter, especially when making a judgment call on whether or not they are going to do business with you. Having a 5-star premium design creates a comfortable atmosphere and goes a long way in sending a message about what kind of person you are and how you will conduct business with potential customers. Avoiding the clinically immaculate type of business setting is a good idea when choosing the ideal executive office. Procuring an office with plants, a comfortable couch, and other amenities are that are reminiscent of home is a good way to immediately make your customers feel calm and less self-conscious.

Along with an amiable atmosphere, the premium executive office which you choose to do business in should have a high-quality, spacious environment and well-maintained facilities available such as conference rooms, kitchen, and a break room. Amenities and equipment such as hi-speed internet, conference telephoning, and projectors for conducting presentations, should all be accessible and functioning properly. Also, it is imperative that the receptionist and supporting staff are well-versed in speaking English and conducting business affairs with foreigners, to avoid wasted time through misunderstandings and flawed communication. Customers will take notice of how day-to-day affairs are handled, so this is an important aspect when choosing the right place to rent an executive office.

In addition to these recommended qualities or attributes, the building in which the executive office is in should have 24 hour security and ample parking. The public area around the building should be safe and well lit. The biggest challenge of finding an affordable executive office is one that is in a popular city centre location and which is easy to get to by various modes of transportation. When all of these factors have been juxtaposed alongside the ideal environment, you are well on your way to gaining the attention and respect from your customers.