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Best Places to Set-Up an Office in Bangkok

March 25, 2015 | Sharon Cheong

Bangkok is a large, modern city that contains multiple areas where visitors can enjoy good accommodations, restaurants, nightlife and sightseeing. As one of Asia's most cosmopolitan cities, it also offers busy marketplaces, ornate temples and many industrial and commercial spaces for business owners. For those who wish to set up an office in Bangkok, there are many good choices and your budget should play a large part in choosing the right space.

The Central Business District

For those with unlimited resources, downtown Bangkok has many business districts such as Silom, Wireless Road, Centralworld to name a few of the bigger ones. Here visitors and locals can take advantage of great hotels, upscale shopping malls, and there are various forms of dependable transportation including the Sky train. Ratchaprasong and Phloen Chit Road are popular areas and this area is generally considered the city center. The long Sukhumvit Road has numerous areas that are popular with upper class locals and expatriates. These are areas where businesses could enjoy high foot traffic and various priced office space is available in this sector.

Extra Expenses to Consider

When deciding about where to set up an office, it's important to take into consideration all the costs, even the hidden expenses that you may not be aware of at the onset.  Of course, you will need a license or permit for your business in order to get started. Then look for a space that offers what you need but is within your budget. Of course, you'll need office furniture. If clients will be coming to your place of business, then it's important to furnish the office with nice things like comfortable seating and unique artwork and other décor. Your front office is the face of your business.

Hiring Local Consultants to Help

Setting up utilities, internet and communications can be confusing for foreign investors but you can find local consultants to help explain things and give you valuable advice. In most parts of Bangkok, it's crucial to have adequate security on the premises to avoid break-ins and vandalism. In addition, it can be helpful to have a mailing service and regular cleaning or maid service.  When hiring a receptionist, be sure to get someone who is bilingual, since Bangkok is a place with many cultures and nationalities. It can also be very helpful to hire bilingual IT and HR employees.

Affordable Office Space in Bangkok

Moving into a new office and setting up your business can be stressful, especially in cities like Bangkok. Though you can hire various consultants to help make the move more successful, some business owners simply lease virtual or serviced office space in Bangkok. Regardless of your budget, you can still afford a beautiful office space in the best parts of the city of Bangkok for a fraction of the cost.

Get the Amenities Your Business Deserves

Servcorp Serviced Offices offer premium office space in areas like Silom Road, the Park Ventures Ecoplex and the Offices at Central world. Normally, exclusive office space like this would be extremely hard to find and very expensive, but Servcorp allows you to experience all the perks and benefits with a smaller investment of time and money. Your business can move right in and begin work almost immediately. You'll have bilingual employees, a dedicated receptionist and you won't have to worry about utility bills, furniture or maintenance costs. These multicultural business districts are hard to find, but you can get whatever size office you need to suit your business requirements. 

Servcorp in Bangkok gives you the features and amenities you need in the city's most prestigious locations. Call for more information.