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Bangkok Office Rentals

28 June 2012 | Servcorp

Business and political experts are calling the coming years the “Asian century.” This applies not only to economic powerhouses like China and Japan and to tech-driven “tiger” economies like Taiwan or Singapore, but also to major growth areas like Thailand. Thailand, given its improved political situation, is in an even better position to harness its resources and human capital, and to make the most of its international connections. The fact that Bangkok is a culturally rich and exciting place to live in makes it even more attractive, even for people whose primary interest in the city is to do business there. This widespread interest in Bangkok is one of the reasons for the rise of office rental services that specifically target the Bangkok area.

These companies provide a wide range of services, besides simply getting you space in a desired area (or, if are undecided, also helping you to choose an area). A good office space provider is also likely to get you a slot in a building that has good IT networks, IT staff, and a receptionist used to handling both Thai and international clients. In such cases, it can be misleading to call these companies mere office space providers, since they give entrepreneurs easy access to a comprehensive package of services. This allows businesses to begin more quickly and cheaply.

There are even services available who wish to rent a virtual office in Bangkok, or, in other words, rent online domain space for a business website that caters to clients in or from Bangkok. These services are very attractive to online entrepreneurs who cannot buy domains in the long term, or who would like some help from a service provider in setting up a website because they lack computer expertise. In other words, even people who cannot set up a physical office in Bangkok can also take advantage of the city's booming business, with the help of the right rental company. Perhaps, if and when you decide you would like physical offices in Bangkok as well, you may also go back to your old rental provider for help and advice.

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