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The Advantages of a Serviced Office in Thailand

March 25, 2014 | Valerie Wong

Serviced offices—also known as executive centers, executive suites, managed offices, and business centers—are realty office rental services located in major business districts of metropolitan cities across the globe. They are usually in the form of an office space or building that's fully furnished and equipped with a facility management service for upkeep purposes. Instead of having to create your own office from scratch, you can rent out everything, from equipment to furniture, as soon as you order a serviced office within a given area. These offices are particularly popular with small businesses and startups looking to establish themselves with what little capital they currently have reserved at the moment. In short, as soon as you can get this office, it can get occupied immediately. 

Other Information of Note in Terms of Serviced Offices 

Usually, an operation related to serviced offices allow for a wide range of sizes, which includes one-person cubicles or apartments for those who want to make their office into a solo type of deal to a room that can house up to 10 persons or more at a time. It's also not out of the ordinary for adjoining offices to be combined in order to accommodate bigger companies and a higher amount of employees, thus you can say that a serviced office is expandable and scalable in accordance to your small-to-medium business's needs. Even if your company does get big, you won't have to move to another location; all you need to do is buy the extra space available in that area. 

One other advantage that serviced offices offer that many a startup would love to acquire is a prestigious address and location. You're likelier to get more clients for your printing, textile, legal consultancy, or IT (Information Technology) business as long as you're located in prime locations like Bangkok, Thailand:In the middle of a bustling city full of skyscrapers and individuals in suits. Premium placement is just some of the major benefits of getting a serviced office without having to pay an arm, a leg, a king's ransom, and what little money you have left in your budget since it's a relatively cheap rental as well. 

The Bottom Line When It Comes to Serviced Offices 

Serviced offices should give your business card impressive details that should bode well for your business reputation, which in turn will increase your chances of winning clients over. It also helps to be in a location that's near trains, taxis, and major transportation hubs, because your present and future employees will certainly appreciate the convenience. The best serviced offices are those that include some sort of customer service team, because even when dealing with a fully furnished rental, it pays to have IT support for the computers you don't actually own and assistance when it comes to furniture and appliance upkeep as well as general building maintenance help. 

At any rate, many startups tend to have stunted or delayed growth when it comes to expanding themselves because they end up in deep debt more often than not thanks to increasing costs of realty and office supplies. Meanwhile, you can order a serviced office right now and almost start as soon as possible (maybe even tomorrow, depending on the circumstances) in terms of making money to cover for your overhead because of this cost-effective solution's affordability. This is a better option than buying office space and getting your own equipment (which can come in later anyway, when your company has expanded). 

If you want to jumpstart a startup business in Thailand, Servcorp can assist you in the form of its corporate registration services, serviced office services, and virtual office solutions. It's one of the most reliable organizations out there in terms of helping out Thailand-based startups grow.