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Start-Up Business Ideas for Women in Thailand

Nov 16, 2014 | Sharon Cheong

Starting a business in Thailand is not as difficult as many women might think. Despite the old Thai proverb, "A man is the foreleg of the elephant and the woman the hind leg," the country's business scene is open not just to eager businessmen but to women as well.

Women in Thailand comprise almost half of its workforce, giving it the highest ratio of working women in the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, the 2011 Grant Thornton International Business Report revealed that the ‘Land of Smiles' ranks first in terms of the percentage of women in senior corporate roles with 45%.

There are many viable business opportunities for women in Thailand. A few examples are listed below.

Market Research Services

If you are competent in conducting corporate research and are aware of the latest industry trends, you can set up a business that provides market research services in Thailand. You can examine business competitors, organize focus groups, conduct consumer surveys, and conceptualize new products and services for businesses.

Management Consulting Business

Women who have a degree in business management or other related fields, as well as relevant experience in providing consulting services to corporate accounts, can offer their services in Thailand. They can provide analysis of existing organizational problems and recommend appropriate strategies for improving company performance and boosting revenues.

Web Design Business

A growing number of Thailand-based businesses are becoming aware of the power of online marketing. They are seeking ways to implement various strategies to establish a strong web presence and broaden their customer base. If you or your team can create professional, corporate websites, this might be the perfect business for you. You will easily find a lot of potential clients in the country. All you need is a clean office, working computers and skilled employees to meet with potential clients in a professional environment.

Real Estate and Real Estate Consulting Services

The cost of land in Thailand is far cheaper compared to its neighboring countries. With an incredibly low unemployment rate of 0.9% (as of the first quarter in 2014), more and more Thai locals are able to buy their own land. If you are good in closing sales and have the right contacts, you have the potential to make a lot of money by being a real estate agent in Thailand. Foreign women can also start their own consulting business to guide other foreigners who want to break into the local real estate industry.


These are just some of the most suitable businesses for women to start in Thailand. Before opening a business in the country, you should have a well-designed business strategy as well as an exit plan in case your business fails. With the right planning and backup plan, your business is ready to take advantage of the inexpensive cost of labor and generally low cost of living in the ‘Land of Smiles'.

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