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Secretarial Services in Thailand

May 14, 2014 | Valerie Wong

When searching for traditional secretarial services for your Thailand-based business, it's important to hire a local who is bilingual. However, more than that, that same person should be able to effectively organize all of your required assignments, meetings, appointments, and schedules for you. 

The type of secretarial services we are referring to is the new-age, third-party type of service available in virtual office solutions that are offered by a few companies such as Servcorp. Before discussing what virtual secretary services are all about, let's first detail what virtual office solutions are. 

Instead of investing in land co-owned by a Thai national for your office or branch needs, you can get a virtual office that's Internet-based yet still works pretty well as a real, honest-to-goodness office. 

Virtual Office Solutions and Its Relation to Secretarial Services 

With virtual office solutions, you're able to enjoy the perks of an office—from the facsimile or fax machine to the receptionist that redirects all your incoming and outgoing calls to the proper departments and offices—without actually owning a brick-and-mortar office. 

Thanks to technologies such as VoIP (Voice-over IP, which enables you to make telephone calls across the Internet, making it cheaper since you can actually do long-distance Internet phone calls without having to pay traditional long-distance premiums) and online receptionist (wherein a center is hired 24/7 to field all your calls and redirect them to the correct office or department),it's possible to have offices through the Internet. 

This is tremendous news for companies that wish to invest in Thailand but lack the capital (or doesn't want to risk so much with little potential reward and current experience) in order to buy land (through a liaison from Thailand) or even rent an office (through a Thai-based third-party company or landlord). 

You can get a secretary under virtual office services or even if you already have an office but you wish to have online-based services included to save money. With a secretarial service, you'll get to have someone who deals with daily email and contact management as well as administration of your information technology needs. 

The Benefits of Going Full Virtual Services 

What's more, your secretarial army (as opposed to hiring just one or two secretaries) can also deal with board and executive meeting logistics and organization. They're particularly dependable when it comes to note-taking and dictation of agendas right down to the very minute details of such actions. 

They're dedicated compilers, editors, and formatters of reports, letters, and most other business-related content deemed confidential. Regardless of what format or database your documentation belongs to, they'll be able to organize them all. 

They even deal with minutiae regarding your dealings with local Thailand authorities, particularly when registering your business or filing documents in government offices. If you're absent for whatever reason, your business can go on thanks to their backup services as well. 

Even if there's a crisis going on, your virtual office and secretarial service combo will ensure that your business will remain fully operational all the while. You don't even have to leave your country; instead, hire Thai locals through an outsourcing post that's virtual, and relay your requests through the Information Superhighway. 

You can save thousands of dollars in revenue and capital by going the virtual office route, and even though it's online-based, you can still comfortably sell your wares either through ecommerce or Internet-based telecommunications. 

If you wish to create a Thailand startup, the Servcorp Company can assist you in more ways than one. It provides secretarial services and virtual business address solutions, to be specific. You can always count on Servcorp when it comes to Thai startups.