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Investment Ideas in Thailand

April 21, 2014 | Valerie Wong

If you want to invest in a country like Thailand, then here are some ideas you can try out. Investing in another country might entail either creating your own business or becoming a shareholder in an existing business. You can also serve as a company that exports your goods to a given country to acquire money in return, or you can import their goods in exchange for your goods or your own money. You can also invest in their local stocks or do foreign exchange investments with their currency. Those are the things you can do in general, when investing your money in a foreign land that you can also use when investing in Thailand.

How to Specifically Invest in Thailand

You should be able to adapt to the Thai culture if you wish to invest there. You're not a mere tourist who needs to understand the way of thinking, religion, and conservatism of Thais. Your first and foremost concern, instead, is how foreigners are accepted in Thailand when it comes to the business side of things. Although Thailand is more open and welcoming to foreigners than other countries out there, you shouldn't overstep your bounds. It's favorable for foreigner investment because there is no special treatment with local businesses or special taxes imposed on your startup. However, you can't own land in Thailand.

Furthermore, you should observe the conservative mindset of the Thais. They're mostly composed of Buddhists of the Theravada kind. They have Mahayana Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim minorities. They're influenced by traditional beliefs concerning natural and ancestral spirits, which means they have spirit houses from where they make offerings to appease the spirits. Respect these beliefs before making your startup. As for the more technical aspects of Thailand investment, keep your VISA updated, and take note of current events (like the political upheaval and protests happening in Thailand at present). Evaluate the political and economic risk of investing in Thailand in light of these current events.

Other Things of Note for Foreign Investors in Thailand

Aside from keeping yourself updated about Thailand's status through the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and the New York Times (as of this writing, Thailand might be in need of having the king instead of the parliament appoint a new prime minister thanks to protests), you should also know the Thai market. Just as Americans are sensitive about political correctness, racism, sexism, and other sensitive topics (whether intentional or unintentional), investors should create startups that won't insult Thai traditions and customs concerning religion, folklore, and the "wai" custom of greeting and acknowledgement in accordance of the status of those involved.

Thailand is a traditional country that respects the old ways and the elders, so if you're going to invest in the nation, you should do so with the help of an established and respected company. The Thai market is full of European and American investors exactly because their own nations only offer low stock and bond yields since the 2008 financial meltdown and continuing financial slowdown. Therefore, it's a smart idea for investors to invest in the Thai stock market (has higher potential for yields even in light of the risk and political climate of Thailand).

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