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How to Market Your Business in Thailand

June 3, 2014 | SERVCORP

Let's say you've finally established yourself as an entrepreneur and started your business in Thailand. You've done all the necessary paperwork and you've gotten a Thailand partner or liaison to deal with the local issues that you, as a foreigner or foreign investor, are not aware of and you wish to make your organization flourish in this brave new market.

What should you do next? The title of this article should give you a clue. Marketing your business is important because it spreads awareness regarding its existence. People become more aware of your company if you market it correctly. However, even with the assistance of a Thai liaison, it's easier said than done.

An Overview of What to Expect When Marketing in Another Land

While you might be adept at marketing your companies in the West, this may not be the case with the Eastern market, particularly when it comes to Thailand. There are considerations you need to take into account, chief among them the culture of the people you're marketing your company, brand, and products or services to.

What's acceptable in the United States might not be considered as such in the Kingdom of Thailand and vice-versa. Different cultures means different mores and different takes on what's acceptable or not; even the concept of conservatism in either country is treated differently. What's a "Holy Cow" in one culture isn't as venerated in another.

The thing you need the most when marketing your company is lots of research; more so than what's covered in this brief article. For example, Thailand is currently undergoing martial law. As a company already established in Thai soil, you should know what your next entrepreneurial steps are moving forward in light of this current situation.

You obviously cannot practice marketing the same way in the East as in the West because every region, area, and nation is different from one another. Localization is the key, and so is translation. How McDonalds treats its marketing in Thailand is certainly different than the way it treats it in the USA or Great Britain or even Mexico.

How to Market Your Content and Products to the Thai Market

Some tips when it comes to marketing your content on Thailand soil involve knowing your boundaries and avoiding faux pas. For instance, in Thailand, the concept of "face" or "saving face" is essential (a la the concept of honor and face in, say, Japan).

What this means in business terms is that all members try to avoid causing embarrassment to others, and everyone takes the opportunity to enable someone else to avoid embarrassment, even to the point of not acknowledging whatever embarrassing thing was done.

To humiliate someone, even enemies, makes you the bad guy. Ergo, when marketing yourself, don't bring down your competitors. In America, openly mentioning that Pepsi tastes better than Coca-Cola or berating the other brands to the point of humiliation is no big deal.

This is, after all, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, where Freedom of Speech, debates, confrontations, open discussion of topics, and telling people off are less of a taboo since one's "freedoms" are more important than "saving face" (to the point of people attempting to not acknowledging mistakes and misdoings are called out by everyone).

A more creative approach when it comes to advertising and more emphasis on the idea of "What's in it for the consumers?" is called for in Thailand and other Asian countries.

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