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How to Find Top Quality Employees in Thailand

December 9, 2014 | Sharon Cheong

One of the key factors in relation to business success is finding the best employees. Recruiting employees who possess all the knowledge and expertise can be the difference between failure and success. In order to keep levels of customer satisfaction, production and profits high, you must have an exceptional team of staff. It can be difficult for new businesses to understand the intricacies of a successful staff recruitment campaign, but there are a number of key aspects that can help. By understanding the requirements of each different role within your company, you can put together a list of desirable qualities and match potential staff accordingly. Thailand possesses a pool of talented individuals regardless of which sector your business operates in. Universities in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other major cities are improving all the time and producing extremely capable graduates. Many businesses place great emphasis on experience. However, it may be worth taking a chance on a new graduate. Whilst they will invariably lack experience within the role, they will undoubtedly bring passion and enthusiasm together with a fresh approach. In addition to this, cities like Bangkok are thriving at the moment in term of business opportunities. Many of the most talented people in Thailand are relocating there to secure employment. This means that your business has a lot of options in terms of recruiting top quality employees.

The importance of networking

So how does a business find the best employees? There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure you maximize the probability of finding quality staff. Whilst advertising the position in the local newspapers is an obvious place to start, there are also other places to recruit. Networking is a great way to hear about potential employees. Any successful business has an efficient and professional networking process. This may involve attending exhibitions, conferences and meetings. Keeping in regular contact with other people in your sector really does pay dividends when it comes to staff recruitment. Additionally, you may benefit from discussing your recruitment requirements with colleagues, friends and family.

Utilizing job and career fairs

Events that involve different businesses from the same sector getting together in order to recruit new staff and promote their services are very common. Attending such an event involves registering your company with the organizers. You can then attend the event and perhaps set up a promotional stand. Suitably qualified individuals that are looking for employment in that sector will be in attendance. This is a very useful yet informal way to get to know potential candidates and discuss your requirements in a relaxed environment. Job and career fairs attract individuals that have ambition and determination to succeed. They are actively seeking employment which means that they are committed. A great character trait in any employee.

Build relationships with universities

It may be possible to work in conjunction with a number of universities. Forming partnerships with such institutions gives you the opportunity to contact future graduates that may have the skills that you need. With many businesses also looking for high quality employees, this may give you an advantage when it comes to recruiting them. In addition to this, many universities actively encourage work placements or internships. This is another great way to assess future full-time employees.

Following the initial recruitment process, interviews should be organized with potential employees. In addition to assessing their abilities, it is important to promote your own business. High quality employees may have a number of other offers to consider. Outline how you see the business progressing, offer information relating to the positive working environment at your company and also inform them of their role in the company and the opportunities for progression.

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