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How to Choose a Virtual Office Provider in Thailand

August 15, 2014 | SERVCORP

When choosing a virtual office provider in Thailand, you should go with one that offers you everything you'll ever require and want in terms of office-related needs, such as a receptionist, a telephone, an answering machine, a fax machine, a computer, an Internet connection, and a computer network as well as an IT department. Aside from a staff of employees and a human resources department, a virtual office has all the virtual equivalents of your basic office necessities, such as VoIP or voice-over IP (Internet phone line), online receptionist (that doubles as the answering machine), and an Internet facsimile machine that sends faxes through your printer/scanner rather than from one fax machine to another. 

What to Look for When Going Virtual 

You can now operate your business with little to any staff to speak of thanks to the advancements in modern technology, particularly in the virtual office department. A virtual office has everything you'll ever need when it comes to office-related issues, but this time in Internet form. If you want to fax someone in Thailand, a Thai-based virtual office setup can do that for you in the form of online faxing, wherein your printer and computer can send faxes across the web into other fax machines or PCs doubling as fax machines. You don't even need a phone line any longer. 

You can use VoIP technology to make and receive calls from either a mobile phone or a telephone without even having a phone line installed. Instead, the World Wide Web will be handling the dispatch of different calls from one phone to the next, with your headset and microphone or a special telephone unit serving as your means of live communication. You'll get all this on top of email, live chat, and teleconferencing technology all thanks to the best virtual office packages around. The main claim to fame that these services provide, though, are their online automated receptionists that can handle all your calls, forward them, or put them on hold, among other traditional receptionist jobs. 

Why You Should Go the Online Office Route 

Virtual offices in Thailand are essentially online offices because every last offering they have is sent through the Internet. There are two types of receptionist you can acquire: The automatic machine receptionist that tells customers to "Press 1 for this or that service," and whatnot, and the real-life person who fields calls, deals with technical support issues, and feedback related to your company that you can hire on a case-by-case or service-by-service basis. Instead of paying for one overworked receptionists to field all your calls, you're outsourcing a whole call center to deal with customer service, thus improving the user experience of your would-be and present clients. 

Having a virtual office package is a boon to many a company, whether it's a small-to-medium business that couldn't afford traditional office amenities or a large corporation that's expanding and requires more than several virtual offices to deal with the workload as cost-effectively as possible. If you're an investor who wishes to make money in Thailand, you can set up a virtual office startup with corporate registration and even serviced office rental that allow you to have a brick-and-mortar facade in your mostly virtual-based company. 

If you want to begin a startup in Thailand, then the Servcorp Company can help you with its corporate registration services, serviced office offerings, and virtual office solutions. It's one of the most reliable companies available when it comes to helping out Thailand-based startups to grow.