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How to Choose a Serviced Office Provider in Thailand

June 9, 2014 | SERVCORP

Thailand has enjoyed unprecedented economic growth since the last quarter of the 20th century. This could be greatly attributed to the tourism industry that continuously attract millions of tourists the world over. Thailand's progress is also partly credited to the friendly business environ, capable workforce and the government's persistent thrust to build Thailand's infrastructure.

Where there are tourists, business will thrive.  Thailand has definitely transformed into a 24/7 business hub of Southeast Asia.  Multinationals have set up base in Thailand. Startups and small to medium scale enterprises are sprouting all over Thailand. With so much competition going on, obtaining a prime office space in Bangkok, Thailand is a consideration with regards to the cost and location. In this connection, the best option for startups and SME is to source for a serviced office.

Definition of Serviced Office

Serviced offices are also referred to as executive suites, business centers or managed offices. These office areas are commonly located in prime office buildings situated in the central business district of a highly commercialized city. A serviced office is furnished, equipped, staffed and managed by a serviced office provider or facility management company. These companies lease out fully-functional office spaces ready for occupancy in less than 24 hours. By large, serviced offices are designed to accommodate varying office sizes. There are serviced offices that are good for a single occupant and there are serviced offices ready for 100 workstations. In the case of the latter, adjoining office spaces are so configured to accommodate a large staff.

Serviced Office Compared to Traditional Office Setup

In a traditional office setup, the incoming tenant has to deal with advance lease payment, rigid lease contract, physical arrangement and interior designing of the office space, furnishing and equipping the office, hiring of staff, monthly rental, utility bills, cleaning and maintenance of the work space to name a few.

Serviced offices on the other hand provide all the services, facilities and staff essential to the business. Serviced offices are ready to be occupied in short span of time, unlike a traditional office where it takes weeks and sometimes months before it could be occupied. Majority of serviced offices are fitted with fully equipped work stations, high speed internet connection and telephone systems, photocopiers,    printers and more. Conference room and a fully equipped kitchen/pantry are also provided. Additional services such as courier, secretarial and video conferencing are pay-as-you-use services.

In a traditional office setup, the tenant or business owner has to take care of the monthly rentals, salaries of the staff, payment of utility bills and other expenses to maintain the office. In a serviced office setup the rent, services, utilities, maintenance, cleaning and security services are shouldered by the serviced office provider. Since serviced offices share equipment and amenities, the provider takes care of the repair or possible replacement of broken equipment.

Choosing a Serviced Office Provider

Running an enterprise, no matter how small, is quite stressful and expensive. If a company has less than 10 employees, it is best to opt for a serviced office.

What are the factors to consider?

Where is the best location for the business office?  This depends on the type of business, but it is still better if the location of the serviced office is in a prime building situated in a strategic place. Other considerations are parking space for clients and employees, proximity to transportation hubs, restaurants, shopping areas and hotels.

Is the serviced office physically presentable? Even if the serviced office is situated in the best location, the aesthetics and size of the office area are also major considerations. The office should be ready for occupancy in 24 hours or so. The office space should be modern, spacious and has provisions for storage and filing.

Is the lease contract flexible? It should be. Serviced office providers require a minimum of one month lease. The contract stipulates the floor area of the office, its lease term and inclusives in the package. In the event that any modifications of the contract are needed, the contract itself must be flexible for changes beneficial to both parties.

Are the furniture and equipment up to standards? The office should be fully furnished and fitted with the proper equipment. Is there a vault or safe for important documents? Is there a refrigerator and microwave in the pantry?  The business owner should detail all his requirements for day to day operations to flow smoothly.

Is the reception area manned by qualified and experienced receptionists to handle clients and calls? Is the IT support staff reliable?  Connectivity must be well established and available on a 24-hour basis. High speed internet connection through LAN and Wi-Fi should be available at no extra cost.

The nature of the business is a great consideration when looking for a serviced office. If you are in the process of searching for one in Bangkok, Thailand, contact Servcorp now for the best deal.