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How Can a Virtual Office Help Your Business?

August 27, 2014 | Sharon Cheong

Whether you run a small or startup business, work from home, or need a new office space in a new location, opting for a virtual office is the right solution.  In a nutshell, a virtual office is a business location in cyberspace where business owners and employees work from home or from any location through a web-based communication and technologies. A virtual office has all the elements of a traditional brick and mortar office sans the exorbitant cost of renting or owning, and maintaining an actual work space year in and year out. 

Why Opt for a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is the perfect choice for small and/or work-at-home businesses. Though there are some disadvantages relating to using a virtual office, the pros outweigh the cons.

A virtual office is cost effective.  Traditional office workspace cost a ton and a lot of time and effort to set up.  Established corporations spend thousands of dollars per month to maintain corporate headquarters in first-class, high-rise buildings located in prime commercial areas. The rate does not include other amenities such as Internet and telephone services, cleaning and maintenance, utility bills and other services. However, a virtual office can offer the same services at a fraction of the price: it affords a business owner all the bells and whistles of an established business operation at a very low cost. He does not need to factor-in insurance, salaries, and allowances. All types of leaves such as sick leave, vacation leave, personal leave, are not applicable to work-at-home staff.

A virtual office is a great way to present a professional corporate image while keeping operation cost low. Most virtual office providers afford three basic services: a registered business address, communication services and meeting room services.  Other related services may include mail forwarding, meeting room and day office, and telephone answering services, all inclusive on flexible terms. Business addresses provided by virtual office providers are located in prestigious CBD addresses.

A virtual office affords companies to quickly “establish offices” in various locations. This permits a company to conduct and transact business, meet with clients and potential clients in any part of the word. Some virtual office providers offer traditional office features such as live receptionists, to accept, return and forward calls, accept deliveries, packages and so on. A significant number of businesses maintain virtual offices packed with services and amenities in various international locations.  It is not only beneficial to small businesses as it is also a cost-effective solution for established corporations with business interests abroad.   

A virtual office is an excellent solution for traveling businessmen. These businessmen, travel on a regular basis - making client calls and presenting products or services to various entities. Though traveling businessmen can access and deliver their work online, they will still benefit from having a receptionist to pick missed calls, a conference room available for meeting clients, and a professional address for sending and receiving mails, packages and deliveries.

A virtual office encourages optimum work from employees. Both employers and employees can do office work anywhere, anytime. They are at liberty to choose the best time to work for maximum output. There is no wasted time or goofing-off from work as they are committed to deliver.

A virtual office set up facilitates the hiring of the best person for a particular job. The location of an employee is no longer a consideration as long as he is qualified to do the work. This practice ensures quality work from the best person tasked to handle the job.

A virtual office offers privacy for the business owner. If a business owner works from home and does not want to register his business as his home address, or accept calls from clients with his home phone number or personal mobile number, a virtual office will provide an alternative business address and phone number. There are clients who are in the habit of dropping in to see and talk to the business owner in his home office without so much as setting up a schedule. With a virtual office, the business owner, through his live receptionist, controls when and where he plans to meet with a client.


Opting for a virtual office helps develop and boost the business's image by depicting a professional, reliable and reputable company.  You, as a business owner, no longer have to meet with clients in coffee shops. You can present your ideas, services or products to clients without fear that people in the coffee shop are eavesdropping.

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