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How Can a Serviced Office in Thailand Save You Money

Oct 24, 2014 | Sharon Cheong

There are many reasons why people set up a business in Thailand, which is also known as the ‘Land of Smiles'. Starting a business in Thailand onlytakes approximately 33 days, compared to the world average of 38 days. Thailand, which means ‘Land of the Free', was never occupied and has always been cordial to people of all backgrounds.

In the past, foreign business owners in Thailand did not need to maintain a physical office. Back then, virtual offices that have the business address and company name on the register can easily acquire a work permit. Nowadays, Thailand's Labor Department no longer grants work permits to foreigners working from virtual offices only. The foreigners need to have a physical office space to get the work permit.

Why You Should Consider a Serviced Office in Thailand

If you want to a cost effective solution when establishing your business venture in Thailand, you should get a serviced office. Serviced offices are fully-equipped offices that are run by facility management companies, which rent out parts of it to businesses. They are completely operational, immediately available, and located in central business areas such as Central Bangkok. They offer expandable room sizes that can accommodate at least one up to several people. They are also conveniently located near BTS train stations.

Better facilities at lower cost

According to the UK Chartered Institute of Purchasing, serviced offices offer up to 78% savings to businesses. Unlike typical offices that require some form of renovation for every new tenant, serviced offices have the essentials required by a business. Their structure and facilities are also better than what most startups can afford by themselves.

Fully furnished, ready-to-use rooms

Renting a serviced office will save your Thailand-based business a lot of money because you won't have to worry about getting desks, computers, chairs, cabinets, and other furniture. A shared kitchen and toilet facilities are ready for use, as well as the telephone and Internet.

Equipment and maintenance included

Tenants often share equipment such as network printers, fax machines, and photocopiers, which eliminates the need to purchase these and set them up. There's also a common Reception area with answering service and Receptionists who are already trained for the job.A hired team takes care of maintenance and housekeeping.

Pay as you use services

‘Pay as you use' administrative and secretarial services are available, so you don't have to spend money on things like overseas calls, IT support, mail and fax, delivery, printing and photocopying, and conference/meeting rooms unless you actually use them. If you require secretarial assistance, you don't have to pay monthly salaries - only for the actual time the staff spent working for you.Many serviced offices even come with complimentary amenities or services.

Flexible contract periods

You can get a customized and fully functional serviced office in just a few hours or days. Unlike conventional building spaces, their terms are flexible starting at just 1 month. You'll pay a single invoice per month, inclusive of your basic rent, electricity, Internet, security, reception services, and maintenance fees. Taxes and insurance are usually included, too. All of these savings will keep your business expenses at the bare minimum.


A serviced office for your business in Thailand can definitely save you money. With its flexible contract periods, getting a serviced office is your best bet in testing the turbulent waters of the Thai market. Since nearly all aspects of serviced offices are ready for use, you can focus on growing your Thailand-based business. The ‘Land of the Free' was never colonized, but your business can easily rule this market with the help of your Thailand serviced office.

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