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Home-based Business Ideas in Thailand

May 8, 2014 | Valerie Wong

In the 1980s, the quiet residential street of Khao San Road was flooded with a surge of indefatigable, seasoned, backpackers who came from various parts of the world to attend the bicentennial celebration of Thailand.  Homeowners on Khao San Road were left with not much choice as the first wave of tourists negotiated for rooms to let. Overnight, the residents of Khao San Road established their first home-based business. But that was 30 years ago and such establishments are no longer encouraged in Thailand.

Work-from-home in Thailand

There seem to be modest options for home-based business in Thailand mainly because of government restrictions and traditional social culture. Foreigners opting to establish a home-based business in the country are subjected to numerous permits and licenses to do so.

There is no lack of office job opportunities in Thailand. Aside from businesses that cater to tourists, computer repair shops, salons & spas, desktop publishing, insurance sales, direct selling, travel agency, massage services and the likes thrive in Thailand; however, these establishments are located mostly in commercial areas and not in residential areas. What possible work could be home-based in Thailand?

Home-based Businesses

Working from home lowers overhead expenses thereby saving the entrepreneur money. It also gives the business owner a healthy advantage over office-based establishments as a cut on office expenses gives the business owner the opportunity to offer high quality services or products at lower prices.

English Tutoring Business

There is definitely a huge demand for English language training by private individuals and the tourism industry. This demand is largely unmet and the possibility of a thriving English     tutorial business at home is great. The start-up capital is small and this business is virtually recession-proof. There are establishments that offer proper training and system support for an English tutorial business.

Travel Agency

Tourism is flourishing in Thailand. From ticketing to hotel-booking to local tours and transfers, a full-pledged travel agency provides all these services. The business has an e-commerce portal which means it is an online business that could be run from home. The system provides internet-savvy tourists the means to book and pay online wherever they are 24/7. Capital for this business is minimal.

U.S. Immigration and Student Consulting Business

An American visa is needed by Thais to travel to the United States and more often than not, a qualified visa consultant is of much help for the acquisition of visa. Training and affiliation with a visa consulting business is required to start-off this home-based business. Some of the advantages of this business model are: minimal start-up fees; no stock and inventories as it is a service business; basic office supplies; 1 or 2 office staff required; good fees; quick return of investment.

Home-based Online Work

The advent of the internet brought about numerous possibilities for minimal capital, start-up and home-based work in Thailand.  Aside from selling products and services online, there are other home-based online jobs feasible in Thailand. The following is a short list of home-based occupations in Thailand.

Graphic Designer

A person with the right background in graphic design could go into a home-based business. There are numerous establishments in need of the services of such professionals for the design of company logos and other website graphics.

Software Programmer

There is a niche in software programming in Thailand as established companies maintain websites and office systems. If a programmer is highly skilled and targets a specific niche, the compensation is good.

Blogging and Freelance Writing

Successful bloggers are not “overnight successes”. It took them a lot of hard work and long hours to get to where they are now. Blogging may sound an easy task, but most thriving bloggers who earn tons of money from advertising focus on their blog 24/7. Newbie bloggers are advised to take in a regular source of income at first. 

Freelance writing for various clients is easy enough as long as the writer presents credible articles. There are various websites to source for clients in need of freelance writers.

Internet Marketing

An internet marketer does advertising and marketing efforts to drive direct sales through websites and emails instead of using traditional media (radio, newspaper, television, print ads, etc.). The sales for products or services are largely on a commission basis. An internet marketer is usually into affiliate marketing and networking that could earn him recurring income in years to come.

There is a great possibility for a successful and income-generating home-based business in Thailand. If you are thinking of establishing a home-based business in Thailand, there is the usual course of permits and licenses entailed in this venture so it is best to get the services of Servcorp for consultation.