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Business Address Services in Thailand

April 25, 2014 | Valerie Wong

Business address services refer to services offered by a service provider wherein a startup company can avail of a host of reputable office addresses that can raise the stock of their burgeoning organization within a given country, in this case Thailand. Even a multinational company looking for viable, competitive addresses for their local branches and virtual offices can get the best Thai business address services money can buy. These addresses can serve as a superb means of improving your company communications to boot, because even if you're based off a faraway foreign land, you can still have local offices in Thailand without having to build them from scratch (yet). 

Temporary Business Addresses for Eventual Real Offices 

A virtual office serves as a legit business location in order for businesses to cut down on typical office expenses. If you want to establish a market in Thailand, but don't yet have the funds to create a local branch of your company, you can go the virtual office package route with a business address service you can use for all your company-related communication, from receiving mail to receiving potential applicants. Some business addresses providers out there can help out Thai-based businesses wishing to have more of a U.S. presence by premium address locations in that part of the world. 

On the flipside, western multinationals who wish to have a trial-run on the Thailand market can avail of multiple address locations there that is uniquely theirs for the taking. The problem with most startups and virtual office companies for most people is the lack of an actual brick-and-mortar office they could go to. It's hard for investors and customers alike to take a "garage" or "basement" company seriously, which is why it's handy to have Thai business address services on hand for only $110 or so monthly, give or take a dollar. Instead of buying a full-time office, you can save up for one while still having a business address you can utilize in the meantime. 

Indicators That You're Getting a Good Business Address Deal 

Aside from acquiring business addresses of your own without paying for a full-time office in less than five minutes of ordering such services from companies like Servcorp, these offices are fully operational to boot and can serve as your local Thai branch for your virtual office operations. It's as though they're the representative buildings where you can conduct your face-to-face dealings with through liaisons and middlemen just short of renting your own office in Thailand. As for investing in a country like the Kingdom of Thailand, it's all about knowing what the nation has to offer and investing your money wisely. 

As a startup company who can, for now, only afford business address services in lieu of an actual office, you should tread the Thailand market with careful planning and caution. You can increase your capital and possible profits by becoming a shareholder in an established Thai business or taking the plunge and spearheading your own local Thai business. If you've chosen the latter, you should take advantage of current virtual office technology to reduce your possible overhead by leaps and bounds. You can also do trade or invest in the stock market for other avenues of Thai investment. 

If you wish to create a Thailand startup, Servcorp can assist you in more ways than one. It provides corporate registration services and virtual business address solutions, to be specific. You can always count on Servcorp when it comes to Thai startups.