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Get a Dedicated Servcorp Virtual Assistant for your Business

16 August | Servcorp

The all-inclusive Servcorp Communications Package offers everything that your virtual office needs to ensure a prosperous business. Our package includes the services of a highly dedicated virtual assistant who can help you serve your customers even better.


Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

By hiring a virtual assistant, your business can save a lot on overhead costs that are typically associated with hiring in-house administrative assistants. Not only that; businesses that have a high growth potential but limited time can utilize the aid of virtual assistants who can take on tasks that would otherwise immobilize the business management or its main staff. This way, the business can focus on improving its core strengths while delegating the fine details and smaller matters to experts in those specific fields.

Another advantage of hiring a virtual assistant is that they help your business stay afloat in case one of your regular staff becomes ill, goes on vacation, goes AWOL, or simply is unable to complete certain tasks. Whenever your business experiences backlogs or an overflow of work, Virtual Assistants can also jump in and ease things a great deal.


Who are Servcorp Virtual Assistants?

Servcorp virtual assistants are well-trained, competent, and experienced virtual assistants in various fields. They handle work assignments and communications through telephone, fax, e-mail, overnight mail, and other forms of on-line communication systems (Skype, Google Voice, etc.). Our Virtual assistants will help your business become cost-effective and time-efficient as well.


What do Servcorp Virtual assistants do?

Our specially selected Virtual Assistants are well versed in a wide variety of tasks. You may assign them to do regular or recurring assignments and you may also give them one-time or random tasks. Moreover, they are very flexible and can work under pressure. You can depend on them to complete last-minute tasks with high standards.


Why Choose Servcorp Virtual Assistants?

Servcorp virtual assistants are carefully selected, independent professionals who are serious about their work. They are computer-literate and highly knowledgeable about the Internet. They are multi-linguals so you can easily communicate with them in your preferred language.

Servcorp has ensured that all of them first undergo rigorous training in order to guarantee their readiness in providing all sorts of virtual assistance to our clients. We can vouch for their diligence and their adherence to the strictest code of ethics.

Moreover, Servcorp virtual assistants are not run-of-the-mill who can perform only traditional administrative assistance like typing documents and transcribing recordings. Ours are adept in web page design, desktop publishing, Internet research, writing, marketing, translation, and other specialized skills. This makes them extremely valuable to businesses, whatever their niche may be.


The bottom-line is that with a Servcorp Virtual Assistants, you can:

1.  Delegate all kinds of tasks

2.  Save on staff-related and infrastructure costs

3.  Focus your time on more important matters

4.  Grow your business faster

5.  Increase sales by leaps and bounds


Interested in hiring a Servcorp Virtual Assistant?


Contact us now to know more about our Communications Package and our virtual assistants.